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Choosing a Disability Insurance Company 


Shopping for disability insurance policies isn't the same as looking for an automobile policy or life insurance coverage. While there are hundreds of companies competing for your automotive and dwelling policies. Looking for insurance companies that sell disability insurance on your own can be quite time consuming and frustrating. The good news is that you don't have to hunt down disability insurance policies on your own. 


It is important to take into consideration that every disability income policy may have different features.


Disability Insurance Checklist

The following checklist will help you compare your current policies or one you may be considering:

  • How is disability defined? Inability to perform your own job? Inability to perform any job?
  • Does the policy cover accidents? Illness? Injuries?
  • Are benefits available for total disability? For partial disability? For residual disability? Only after total disability?
  • Are full benefits paid, whether or not you are able to work for loss of sight? Speech? Hearing? Use of Limbs?
  • The maximum benefit will replace what percentage of income?
  • Is the policy non-cancelable, guaranteed renewable, or conditionally renewable?
  • How long must I be disabled before premiums are waived?
  • How long will you continue to receive benefits after you are disabled?
  • How many days must you be disabled before you can receive benefits?
  • Does the policy offer an inflation adjustment feature? If so, what is the percentage rate of increase? Is there a maximum?

When you request a disability insurance quote from DAI, you'll receive quotes from top companies offering the most favorable coverage options for individuals in your occupation and situation.

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No one can predict if or when a disability or illness may occur; what we can do is cushion ourselves and our family from the financial consequences.  We encourage our agents to explain the benefits of disability coverage and walk your clients through the details so they are well-prepared for the unexpected.


We have DI specialists who would be pleased to help you find the best solution for your Disability Income needs.  Let us help you profit from their experience.

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