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WorkersDisability Income Insurance News 

December 2012

Losing your income could cost you plenty.  
Find out how much - now.

For most working Americans,

the ability to earn an income is their most valuable financial resource.

Anything that interferes with your most important financial resource can negatively affect everything you've planned for - and worked so hard for - over the years. Like your home. Your lifestyle. Your retirement. Education for kids.


Find out now what your income - your Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ) - is worth




cdalogo The EIQ calculator is presented by the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), a non-profit organization committed to educating working Americans about the frequency and financial impact of disability, and the importance of planning. Click here to visit the CDA.

What not to do when looking to buy disability insurance 

*Don't forget to ask about riders. Riders for cost-of-living adjustments or a future purchase option can allow you to increase coverage as they earn more money without taking another physical or referencing your medical records.


*Don't buy a policy before checking the insurer's financial strength. Major credit-rating agencies such as Standard & Poor's and A.M. Best offer company reports.


*Don't just accept the insurance company's decision on coverage limits. Those with more variable income may be surprised at premiums and level of coverage, however particular occupations and risks are covered uniformly. More than three years of business records should clear up any questions about income levels and variability.

Income Protection: The Best Kept Secret to Sales Success 


...Countless surveys and research show that consumers understand the importance of having protection, yet they don't have the coverage they need. Consider this: 72% of respondents say that becoming disabled and not being able to work for a living is a "devastating event." Yet only 22% have disability coverage.


It's up to us to approach these clients, discuss the benefits of income protection and ask for the disability insurance sale. If you do, not only will you be helping them take an important step toward financial security, you'll be differentiating yourself from the competition and benefiting as a result....read more



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 "Defend your Income" Campaign

The Council for Disability Awareness invites you to join the movement

to protect America's incomes


From CDA: "Working Americans drastically underestimate their risk of disability. They don't understand the potential causes. And most have not adequately protected their income. Let's take a stand. Let's educate wage earners about the risks to their income from illness or injury, and what they should do about it."


Click here for the "Defend Your Income" toolkit for advisors -- access tools and resources to help you working Americans defend their incomes.


Click here for the "Defend Your Income dojo" -- a microsite for consumers to learn how they can protect themselves fro the impact of income loss.


To find out more, contact a member of our DI Marketing Team at 888-841-3045.



The New DAI DI (Disability Income) Help Desk. 
construction worker

We realize Disability Income Insurance can play a key role in your client's overall financial plan, so we have joined forces with one of America's leading DI Marketing organizations and expanded our portfolio of DI products. We have created our Disability Income Help Desk to offer you sales and service support in this highly challenging special area.
In addition to our knowlegeable and dedicated staff we also have added a comprehensive microsite devoted entirely to Disability Income Insurance!
Visit the new microsite regularly for updated news, events, important information and highlights! In the new Forms Section you will find all product guides, rates, state approvals and forms, etc. that you need for each carrier. Visit the Learn & Market section for sales ideas, educational materials and more.


 Locate the link in the Resources section of our website (www.dworkin.com).


Or Contact our DI Help Desk for additional information!

(888) 841-3045


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