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July 2012



MetLife DI Now More Competitive in the Medical Market - effective June 30.


Over the past 6 months, MetLife reduced premium rates for several medical specialists and white collar executives through occupation class upgrades. We also made it easier for them to get more coverage by increasing our participation limits.


Now effective June 30, 2012, many physicians will qualify for better rates from MetLife as a result of upgrading most of the specialties currently in the 4M occupation class to 5S - a 19% average rate reduction1. Participation with other IDI will increase from $25,000 to $30,000 and participation with Group LTD will increase from $25,000 to $35,0002.


After careful analysis of experience, Interventional Cardiologists and Interventional Radiologists will no longer be issued with the 5I occupation class and will be moved to 4M. This will result in an increase in rates for these specialists. These physicians will still qualify for both the Transitional Your Occupation and Your Occupation riders, but will no longer qualify for the Lifetime Benefit rider. 4M issue and participation limits will apply.


Monthly Webexes for DI starting in July


Selling DI can be easier than you think, especially when you have access to all the tips, tools and training you need to grow your income protection business. Join our monthly webexes for information that will help simplify the sales process. View 2012 Webex Schedule for webex times. 




Just because May's DIAM is over, it doesn't mean your DI efforts can't continue!

Here's a recap of the helpful resources to help you make every month

Disability Insurance Awareness Month



1) Protectyourpcaycheck.org, including Videos, Online Resources, Interactive Calculators, and Educational Resources.


2) DI's New Frontman: Paycheck: LIFE's new disability insurance videos are must-see viewing for you and your clients. In "All My Paycheck," a soap opera parody, Paycheck navigates love, loss and disability. And in "Paycheck Pop Quiz," Paycheck highlights important facts about disability insurance and clears up common misconceptions. Send the videos as a link to clients via email, use in your social-media posts or embed them on your website.


3) Tools from Principal Insurance: incudes producer marketing guides and educational materials for consumers.


4) Assurity's DIAM Website: Find sales ideas, product information and more.


5) Illinois Mutual's DIAM Website: This website will provide your clients contemporary tools for uncovering their needs for disability income insurance.


6) The Standard's Suite of Occupation-Specific Videos: 

7) The Plus Group's Suite of Videos about Disability Insurance: 

8) The Council For Disability Awareness website: In downloadable formats, the CDA makes available a broad range of information on disabilities, the need for disability insurance, insurance research and even life stories. On this website you will find:  

  • Charts and Graphs
  • Disability Calculator that estimates individuals' chances of becoming disabled
  • Industry White Papers and Research 
  • Life Stories

To find out more, contact a member of our DI Marketing Team at 888-841-3045.

The New DAI DI (Disability Income) Help Desk. 
construction worker

We realize Disability Income Insurance can play a key role in your client's overall financial plan, so we have joined forces with one of America's leading DI Marketing organizations and expanded our portfolio of DI products. We have created our Disability Income Help Desk to offer you sales and service support in this highly challenging special area.
In addition to our knowlegeable and dedicated staff we also have added a comprehensive microsite devoted entirely to Disability Income Insurance!
Visit the new microsite regularly for updated news, events, important information and highlights! In the new Forms Section you will find all product guides, rates, state approvals and forms, etc. that you need for each carrier. Visit the Learn & Market section for sales ideas, educational materials and more.


 Locate the link in the Resources section of our website (www.dworkin.com).


Or Contact our DI Help Desk for additional information!

(888) 841-3045

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