June 2018
" Father's Day is hopefully a time when our culture says, 'This is our moment to look at who our men and boys are."'
~ Michael Gurian


It's hard to believe that we're already half way through 2018. My father used to tell me that the older we get, the quicker time passed. I never knew what he meant by that, but as I approach the age he was when he died, I truly understand his message.

My father died when I was barely forty-years-old. When he died I felt as if a piece of me also died. I think of him every day, not only because of the many wisdoms he shared with me during his lifetime, but because he was a good person, full of love and gratitude for life. People who knew him, called him a 'happy go lucky' type of guy. He had no enemies and was a wonderful father.

As my readers know, I read a lot of memoir and poetry, but typically only review books that I highly recommend. In honor of Father's Day, I highly recommend Joe Biden's memoir, which I read in one sitting. Please read it and share with those you love. It's an extremely touching, uplifting and beautiful story about the love between father and son.

I would also like to acknowledge another wonderful father, who was my friend and mentor. Philip F. Deaver passed away at the end of April. I've known Phil for more than 20 years and we met at a poetry salon that he spear-headed at Rollins College in Orlando, FL. He inspired me to write more poetry at a time when my confidence was shattered. "You have no idea of your power," he once told me. His words are even more poignant today. I am so happy that he was able to publish his novel, The Forty Martyrs, which is reviewed below. Phil was a much admired mentor to many. I was honored to be asked to speak at his "Celebration of Life," with only a select few, his children and his newer friend, Billy Collins.

Phil had many wisdoms, but the one that I will always remember and share with others is, "When it hurts, write harder." Rest in peace, Phil.

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June Writing Prompts
  • Write a letter to your father.
  • Write a letter to a male who had a large impact on your life.
  • Write book review of a book written by a male.
  • Write about your memories of having your first ice cream cone.
Recently Published Works
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Interviews and Reviews

Longo, Perie. (2018). "Three Books That Complement Our Changing World." Journal of Poetry Therapy . Vol 31, No. 2, p. 135-136.

Suggested Reading
Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden (memoir). This is one of the most powerful memoirs that I've read in a long time. Biden, in his own lifetime, has endured more losses than most, and continues to hold his head high, be honorable and wise man beyond his years. Early in his marriage, he lost the parents of his first wife and his baby daughter, then at 38, as a senator, he lost his first wife and eighteen-month old daughter in a fatal car accident. One would assume a man would become embittered by all these losses, but each time he bounced back, grateful and wise. It's said that there's no greater loss than that of a child and Biden endured the loss of three children, most recently doomed again by the loss of his son Beau, while being Vice President under Barack Obama.

With upmost candor and sincerity, Biden describes the slow demise of his Beau, following his diagnosis of glioblastoma, a stage IV tumor resulting in paralysis and a whole array of symptoms. The doctor at MD Anderson told Beau not to allow the disease to take over his existence, and told him to go home, run for Mayor and "have a purpose," which as a two-time cancer survivor, believe to be brilliant advice.

From that day on, the Biden men lived by those words. Joe Biden is also mindful of how a small gesture can make a huge difference to those in need. He knows about loss and he knows about mourning. "When I talk to people in mourning, they know I speak from experience. They know I have a sense of depth of their pain," he says. (p. 49).

Biden was good friend and partner to Obama, and his words of wisdom of having a purpose and trusting your instincts in all aspects of life, should not be taken lightly.
Highly recommended for all!
Forty Martyrs by Philip Deaver (novel) is a novel that Deaver had been working on for some time. He was a perfectionist when it came to writing, and I'm thrilled that he was able to get it published before his passing in April. I'm also blessed that when the last time I saw him, he autographed a copy for me. Deaver was a keen observer of people. He loved watching, examining and writing about the human condition. His genre of choice was the short story and this book is a culmination of this passion, as in essence, Forty Martyrs a novel in stories, depicting the life of lost souls and those battling demons, like Deaver himself. His stories are magical and well worth the read.
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