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Interim Superintendent
Superintendent's Message
We're almost to Spring, DIC! Just a couple more weeks and I'm sure we'll be seeing some more green instead of white outside the office here soon.

If you didn't see my article in the Manufactured Homes newsletter, take a look at my experience from visiting the Manufactured Homes Expo in Kentucky.

I had the opportunity to attend the Midwest Manufactured Housing Expo in Louisville this year. Being on the inspection and installation side of things, it was interesting seeing this industry from the manufacturer’s and park developer’s perspective.

There has been a dramatic shift in the dynamics and perception of this industry from what it was five to 10 years ago. One of the first observations was that no one at the expo used the “T” word (trailer…!). The manufacturer’s and developers consider their products as “homes” (as they should) and strive to create environments equal to conventional residential construction.

The creation of outdoor living spaces, as well as open and aesthetically pleasing interior environments are some of the other unexpected design concepts of the industry. Many manufacturers have optional exterior covered front porches and decks, as well as larger great rooms open to the kitchen and dining areas.

Many manufacturers utilize interior designers that have created interior finishes and designs that are comparable to conventional homes, while keeping construction costs to an average of $56 per square foot. Many of the homes provide hardwood floors, granite countertops, craftsman-style sliding barn doors, dimensional wall paper, built-in flat screen TV’s, LED lighting, as well as incorporating capabilities for wireless technology. These aren’t’ your grandparent’s homes anymore.

Lastly, it was interesting to learn that the industry is using many of the social media platforms to market their products and park developments. The millennials and the retirees are the industry’s largest marketing targets. The millennials are looking for affordable, quality first-time homes, and the retirees have the cash available to customize the design of their downsized permanent residence.

Training on DIC Portal Wrapped Up
February 28 capped off a seven-stop roadshow to explain the new DIC portal to general contractors and design professionals.

Mike Thompson led the program that covered the features and benefits of the new 24/7 system, and BCC’s virtual inspection services.
Outside Employment
Considering taking on a second job?

Remember to submit an Outside Employment Form any time you apply for outside employment. Send completed forms to Division Counsel Aaron Johnston.
Fridge Clean-Out
Spring is in the air, which means it’s nearly time for a deep clean of refrigerators in the common areas.

On a weekly basis, folks should be clearing out uneaten and outdated items, and taking home containers, including those in the freezer. As always, thanks!

DIC employees make a difference every day in the lives and businesses of many Ohioans. Here, we feature messages from happy and appreciative customers!

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RE: Mike Thompson, Assistant Bureau Chief
I just wanted to let you know that we passed inspections and have been approved to move into the office areas of the new structure. You were instrumental in getting this task accomplished so quickly and easily. You really “held my hand” through this whole process with several emails and phone calls and follow up phone calls. I am very impressed by the customer service you and your team at Commerce have provided me in trying to get this pushed through. I sincerely want to thank you for your fantastic assistance. Have a great day!! 
-Rita Stincer, Lean Liaison, ODNR Office of Law Enforcement
RE: Venise Carter, BCC Customer Service

I just wanted to give you a SHOUT OUT!! of thanks for the idea and suggestion of improving our web portal with a “pay my bill” quick-link. Thinking out-of-the-box for ways to help streamline our processes and help customers is awesome. We have reached out to the vendor to see if this is something that can happen. Thanks again for thinking of this and for presenting it in the positive way that you did. Awesome!!

-Mike Thompson, BCC Assistant Chief
In the Field - Elevator Inspector Training
John Jackson (left), DIC elevator inspector assigned to The Ohio State University main campus, instructs inspector trainees Ryan Thobe (middle) and Troy Huth (right) on high-rise traction units.

Ryan and Troy, along with John McQuade and Mark Gensler (not pictured), are part of a year-long elevator inspector training program that includes both in-class and on-site instruction led by DIC Elevator Inspector Supervisor Brad Welch.

Upon completion, the trainees will sit for the national Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) test, which is required of all state elevator inspectors. Nearly two-thirds of DIC elevator inspectors have come through the DIC training program with the others coming from the elevator trade.
OCILB at PENTA Career Center
Carol Ross, OCILB Executive Secretary, spoke to the contractors and design professionals at the PENTA Career Center in Perrysburg.

OCILB, along with BBS, used the opportunity to share updates on contractor licensing and certification as part of the DIC Portal training for contractors presented by Mike Thompson of BCC.
Ohio Building Officials Association Conference
Megan Foley, Debbie Curts, Regina Hanshaw and Carol Ross from BBS and OCILB shared a booth during the Ohio Building Officials Association (OBOA) annual conference in Cincinnati.

The 29 th joint conference, titled Experience 2019 , was co-hosted by the Southwestern OBOA chapter and featured national speakers from the electrical, emergency management, fire suppression, and energy fields.

The conference offered continuing education for both building officials and contractors and included field visits to project sites in the Queen City area.
Check out things happening this month!
Grand River Valley
Ice Wine Festival

When : March 2, 9, 16 (Always the first three Saturdays in March)

Location : Wineries of the Grand River Valley Region in NE Ohio

Several popular Ohio wineries join together for this unique winter event. Patrons will visit each of the participating wineries and sample their Ice Wine along with a complimentary appetizer. Many of the wineries will also have a featured event including ice carving, jewelry shows, dog sledding & much more. 

Dublin, OH St. Patrick's Day Parade

When: March 16, 2019 from 11am-12:15pm

Location : Through historic downtown Dublin, OH.

The city of Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade starts with the Lion’s Club Pancake Breakfast and continues with the parade stepping off at approximately 11 a.m. After the parade, guests can frequent Dublin establishments where Irish entertainment and specials are featured.

Maple Madness Driving Tour

When : March 9-10
Location : Throughout Ohio

Maple syrup is Ohio’s first harvest of the year and the sweetest. Sugarhouses across Ohio open their doors and invite visitors to see firsthand how pure maple syrup is made. The March Maple Madness Driving Tour is a statewide event sponsored by the Ohio Maple Producers Association and Ohio’s syrup makers.

Which of these St. Patrick's Day facts is FALSE? Answer will be in the next newsletter!
St. Patrick was born in Cork, Ireland.
The first St. Patrick's Day parade took place in New York City.
Global consumption of Guinness increases over 800% on 3/17.
Wearing green on this day has political origins.
Mar. 5 - Pitabilities

Mar. 12 - Grub Hub

Mar. 20 - Smokeout BBQ

April 4 - Philibusters

April 9 - Pitabilities

April 17 - Smokeout BBQ

April 23 - Skyward Grille

1-Mar Derrick Hubner, O&M Bedding
8-Mar Ryan Thobe, O&M Elevators
9-Mar Robert Tribout, O&M Boilers
15-Mar Nina Benson, O&M Bedding
19-Mar Jay Richards, BBS
20-Mar Alan Mintz, O&M Boilers
21-Mar Bryant Hillman, BCC Support
22-Mar Terry McKee, O&M Elevators
22-Mar Kurt McLaughlin, O&M Elevators
24-Mar George Finch, O&M Support
24-Mar Regina Hanshaw, BBS
25-Mar Gerald Burg, BCC Plans
26-Mar Fred Bellomy, O&M Elevators
27-Mar Robin Blake, BBS
27-Mar Steve Dorgan, BCC Electrical
28-Mar Ronnie Combs, O&M Boilers
28-Mar Rob Pritchard, BCC Plumbing
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