Framing Futures
Visualizing the Recent Explosion in Lumber Prices | Visual Capitalist – May 8, 2021
The recent rise in lumber costs impedes Habitat’s ability to build homes and keep them affordable for our future homeowners. In the past year, lumber costs for our Habitat homes have risen from an average of $8,700 to our latest homes’ costs totaling almost $20,000 per home.

That's a 130% increase!

Keeping our Habitat homes affordable is a constant priority and an increase such as this is a disadvantage for both Habitat and our future homeowners. Any rising costs to build a home will ultimately be passed on to the homebuyer.

There are 3 homes left in our current project on Cedar Ave. and our next project, Alvina St., will consist of 7 homes. If costs keep increasing at the current rate, lumber for these 10 homes could cost

$200,000 or more!
YOU can help keep our Habitat homes affordable!
Important Dates
June 12
Home #142 Dedication
Family: Khozima, Abdulla,
and their 3 children
June 26
Home #143 Dedication
Family: December, Tee Soe,
and their 4 children
TCP-Habitat for Humanity will celebrate with both families in a small gathering of their family, friends, and Habitat staff/volunteers.
If you are concerned about your own safety but would like to show your support and join the celebration, please drive by the homes on the dedication day at noon.
You may also join us remotely and view the dedication live on our Facebook page. 
Here is the link to watch the June 12th dedication remotely: (
The home is located at 304 S Cedar Ave, Pasco WA 99301
Cedar Ave Lot #5 – 95% complete. The homeowners just walked through this completed house this week and can’t wait to receive their keys on June 12th.
Cedar Ave Lot #6 – 94% Complete. The interior is nearly complete on this home. We will paint the exterior and lay sod this next week. We are on schedule to dedicate this home on June 26th.
Cedar Ave Lot #10 – 67% Complete. After several delays, we are finally ready to begin work inside the house with installing insulation and drywall. Things will move quickly once the drywall finishing has been completed. We expect this home to be complete in August. Tri-Tech students are shown in the picture, finishing the siding and exterior trim.
Cedar Ave Lot #11 – Roof and housewrap are complete, and siding is underway. We will be working crews here whenever we have a slow moment at 206 Cedar, and plan to have this home complete in September.
Cedar Ave Lots #8 & #9 – Foundations should be complete on these homes in the next two weeks. We will be framing one or both this summer while Tri-Tech is on summer break, and expect to finish both homes this winter. 
Alvina Street We are aiming to break ground on the first house late summer or early fall.
Current Needs
We are always in need of land to continue building Habitat homes for local families. If you own land or know of anyone who is selling in Benton, Franklin, or Walla Walla Counties, please contact us at 509-943-5555 or
Pasco Construction Site:
  • Monday - Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Crews start at 8:00 AM and end at 2:30 PM.
We need crew leads! (would need to be available on a regular weekly basis) If you are skilled in construction and willing to commit to leading a crew, please complete the volunteer application and let us know you are interested.
Pick-up Scheduler (URGENT NEED! - Would need to be available on a regular weekly basis)
  • Listening to pick-up request messages and returning donors' calls
  • Working closely with our Sales Floor Supervisor and our truck drivers to create pick-up schedule
  • Skills desired:
~Computer efficient
~Customer service
~Available 2-3 times a week or a few hours daily
Cashier (would need to be available on a regular weekly basis)

  • Greeting customers as they enter the store
  • Answering questions about store items
  • Using POS system to complete transactions
  • Answering the store phone
  • Organizing/cleaning the store
Warehouse Associate

  • Receives item donations at the back of the Habitat Store
  • Writes tax receipts for donors
  • Processes donations (cleaning, testing, etc.)
  • Moves items to the sales floor
  • Assists customers by loading items into their vehicles
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.
Current donation needs are appliances, cabinets, and tools. Please make sure your items are clean and in good working condition. Our donation center is open Monday - Friday 10 AM - 4 PM and Saturdays 10 AM - 3 PM. We are located at the back of our store at 309 Wellsian Way, Richland. Stop at the white fence, ring the doorbell, and a warehouse attendant will be out to help.

If the items you would like to donate are too big to fit in your vehicle, please request a donation pickup by calling 509-943-0222 (Choose option 1 and then option 2) to leave a message with your contact information and description of the items and our volunteer scheduler will return your call within a week. You can also complete our online pickup request form at

All items are subject to inspection and based on current store volume we may not be taking certain items.

If you are unsure if we would accept your items, please call 509-943-1330 to speak to a store associate.
If you have fire-proof file cabinets that you would like to donate to our Habitat office, please call 509-943-5555 or email
Habitat Store
These items are in store as of 6/7/2021 and are available until sold.
We do not accept holds over the phone.
Please click the picture to be directed to the item in our online store.