Dear Case Managers:
This is the fifth in a series of regular emails from Community Research Initiative (CRI), which administers the Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP). We'll be sending important information and tips regularly. We hope you find this helpful, and welcome any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

Did you know  that HDAP (HIV Drug Assistance Program) applications should be faxed in
one application at a time?

F axing multiple HDAP applications as one complete faxed document creates extra work for HDAP staff and slows down our approval process.

  • Fax one complete application at a time
  • Separately fax any additional documents that are unrelated to the client's HDAP application (e.g. Advanced Premium Tax Credit [APTC] related tax documents)
Please be aware that it can take between 48-72 hours before a faxed document displays in our screening system where HDAP staff can view it.
If you need an application or supporting document to be expedited through this process, please contact an HDAP staff member at 617-502-1700 with the details of the fax (including the date, time and number of pages in the fax) and request that this document be expedited. HDAP staff will determine whether we are able to expedite an application, a supporting document, or a Comprehensive Health Insurance Initiative (CHII) payment request on a
case-by-case basis.
Questions? Call HDAP at 617-502-1700.