Dear Case Managers:
This is the sixth in a series of regular emails from Community Research Initiative (CRI), which administers the Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP). We'll be sending important information and tips regularly. We hope you find this helpful, and welcome any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

Did you know  that the best way to obtain a MassHealth determination is to follow up with MassHealth throughout the process?

By following the steps below, you may help to speed up your clients' eligibility determination process:
  1. Include language requesting that your client's eligibility determination be "EXPEDITED FOR MEDICAL NECESSITY" on the MassHealth paper application or on the fax cover page accompanying the application.
  2. Contact MassHealth approximately 2-4 weeks after the application has been submitted if your client has not received a MassHealth determination or a request for additional information. This call provides another opportunity to request that the determination be EXPEDITED FOR MEDICAL NECESSITY.
  3. Remind your clients that it is important to open their mail and follow up on any requests for information which are time-sensitive. Failure to submit additional information in time may result in an application review being canceled and a client needing to re-submit a new application.
  4. Place a follow-up call to MassHealth with your client approximately 1-2 weeks after any additional documents are submitted to confirm that the documents were received and are being processed.
  5. If your client has not received a determination letter within 6-8 weeks from the initial date of application submission, contact MassHealth with your client to follow-up on their application status.
Please remember that HDAP (HIV Drug Assistance Program) clients who do not have active MassHealth or an active ConnectorCare plan are required to submit a MassHealth determination annually (NOTE:  HDAP clients who are age 65 and older and have already received a denial from MassHealth for "income and assets" do not need to reapply annually). HDAP's recertification reminder letter should indicate if a client is due to submit a new MassHealth determination. HDAP may be able to accept the first and last page of a recently submitted MassHealth application to grant temporary HDAP approval pending a MassHealth determination.

Please feel free to call HDAP or BRIDGE staff at 617-502-1700 if you have any questions.