March 12, 2020
12:40 p.m.

Dear Trinity Catholic Families:
In my rush to get you information as quickly as possible, I need to clarify an error I made regarding Digital Days. 

In order for us to meet the State of Connecticut's minimum requirement for number of school days in a school year, we MUST have a minimum of 85% of our entire student body participate in their work for the digital day to count as a “school day”. 

What does this mean:
  • If we as a school meet the minimum of 85% of students participating in the Digital Day, the day will count, and will NOT have to be made up.
  •  Any day where we fall short of 85% we risk:
  • having to make up days at the end of the year
  • having a shortened or NO April Break

As you can see, participation by every student is important. The good news is that if our students do their work, we will NOT have to make up these days. 

This information applies to the days that we are closed covering the period March 13th – March 27th. 

We will provide updates should we find ourselves in the position that the school will be closed beyond March 27th.

I apologize for my earlier error and I hope this clarifies.  

Warm Regards,

Scott E. Smith