DISCovering High Load Structural Bearings
Accommodating large multi-directional rotations and long-term maintenance
You may find your longer span, complex bridge structures have higher needs for accommodating structural movements. This can be answered with high load multi-rotational (HLMR) disc bearing assemblies.

Understanding HLMR disc bearing assemblies involves starting with where and why they are used. HLMR bearing assemblies transmit forces while accommodating structural movements. The selection of an appropriate bearing assembly is based on the magnitude of vertical and horizontal forces, as well as the amount of displacement and rotation of the superstructure elements. Based on these requirements, your D.S. Brown team can prepare a custom designed solution.

So, what are HLMR disc bearings?

Above: Lake Champlain Bridge, Crown Point, NY. Using Versiflex™ HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies.

Three-plate disc bearing assemblies
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Product Focus
Versiflex™ HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies
Versiflex™ HLMR disc bearing assemblies consist of an elastomeric disc made of unconfined polyether-urethane polymer to accommodate rotation between two metal plates. The vertical loads are transferred by the elastomeric disc. Horizontal shear forces are transmitted between upper and lower plates by a dowel pin mechanism in the center of the bearing.

The advantages include that Versiflex HLMR disc bearing assemblies are multi-rotational, lower profile (vertical height) and cost efficient.

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