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Behind-the-Scenes on one of the train jump days! (Shot with my phone)
DIVERGENT has had a pretty awesome start in the box office! With over $54 million in its first weekend (over $22.7 million in its first NIGHT!), I think it's safe to say that this movie is a hit. They've already signed on to shoot the second installment of the trilogy, INSURGENT!

Above is a link (the image) to a secret behind-the-scenes video I JUST uploaded to YouTube moments ago. This video is unlisted and cannot be found by searching (for now), but feel free to share it! In the video you'll see the Dauntless members getting ready to jump from the train (real train car that they put together/adapted for the movie, pulled by a semi truck). The train car was positioned 8 feet away from the wall you see the Dauntless jumping over, which means we aimed to clear at least about 10 feet if we wanted to avoid clipping the wall! The train was pulled at up to 15-20mph while we were filming. Combine that with our sprinting speed angled out the door and I'd estimate we were hitting the ground at between 30-35mph!!! (I once clocked 21mph running past a roadside speedometer on the street as a teen.)

I sent this in the last email - but here's a screenshot of my name in the stunts section of the credits! (Alphabetical order)

Thanks to everyone for all the awesome words of support and feedback on this!


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