Puppet DIY in these distancing days!  

Read down for one PUPPET DIY project,
and follow us as we share more ideas in our DIY series. 

Wendy had a great time at 
CTV Morning Live a
couple of weeks ago
Many thanks to Joelle and the crew for inviting her to talk about her favourite subject - puppets! Here's the   link to her early morning interview. 

Toilet paper tubes are precious too!

They make a great head for this simple scarf marionette which is inspired by legendary puppeteer 
Albrecht Roser 

  Here is our process:
  • Use a light weight, silky fabric piece about 2 ft by 2 ft
  • Enfold a small rock, toonie, or a big wooden bead into each corner with an elastic band. These are the hands and feet.
  • Poke a small hole into the middle of the tube. Find the place on your scarf half way between the two hands and push the fabric into the hole. It should just friction fit.
  • Cut 4 strings about 3 feet long
  • Poke holes at each end of the tube and tie a string in each hole
  • Tie a string onto each 'hand'
  • For the marionette control bar refer to the drawing for a simple system
  • Decorate the head

    There  are more instructions from friends here
    Or here
One of Our Chairman's Favourites...
Our Board Chair, Christoper Chabot is a huge puppet fan and he likes to share some of his favourites. 

Adam Kreutinger enjoys sharing his art with the community. He is currently an art teacher and is  also a puppet artist, magician, juggler, balloon twister, and painter. 
Adam has tonnes of great puppet making tutorials on his

Adam has designed and constructed puppets for television, film, and theatrical productions internationally. His puppets have also appeared on Comedy Central and Adam Savage's TESTED. Adam was also the puppet artist hired to design and build characters for MusicalFare's production of "Avenue Q" and Artpark's "Cinderella". Adam is the host of PuppetTears Podcast while producing television commercials and live stage shows, such as "The Littlest Snow Monster," in addition to many other exciting projects.

We are working to offer our aptly themed Puppet Power 2020 conference "Puppets Go Existential", as an online event. 

Meanwhile - we are excited to share the lineup of amazing presenters. 

Please keep checking as we finalize details and tickets. 

This is a good time to be especially appreciative of our wonderful staff, board members, volunteers, clients, allies, funders, peers and puppets too!

Heartfelt thanks to all! 

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