July 2016
DK Display proudly supports
Timo Weiland and The Retail Lab at the Cadillac House
DK Display proudly supplied Schlappi mannequins for The Retail Lab, an innovative, mentor-ship program funded by Cadillac in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The Retail Lab, located at Cadillac's global headquarters in Tribecca New York, provides a retail space for designers who do not have their own stores.

Premiering during Men's Fashion week, designer Timo Weiland will be the first designer to showcase his collection in the new space. His spring collection is shown on Schlappi 3200 collection male and Schlappi 2000 collection female mannequins throughout the retail space. Opening today to the public, Weiland will be featured in this location until September, when another designer chosen will then be revealed and occupy the space. 

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