DKF Connect | August 2018
Every Dallas Kid deserves a great education, and our elected school board leaders play a major role in making this happen.
Dallas Kids First increases awareness on the role & impact of the Dallas ISD School Board for constituents and supports school board campaigns that focus on student outcome goals.


Nurses, Janitors, Teachers, Office Support Staff, Principals, Administration, Superintendent, Board Members, and Students - You did it! 

Congratulations on amazing gains for the 2017-2018 school year & for earning a ‘B’ for all of your hard work!
Highlights from Board Meetings
Aug ust 9 Board Briefing:
At a briefing, the board discusses items they will need to vote in upcoming meetings and hears reports from the Dallas ISD Administration on ways in which the district is meeting student needs.

  • Student Outcome Goals 1 & 3
  • Funds for Achieving Racial Equity (FARE)
  • Tax Ratification Election (TRE)
  • Long Range Master Plan for Technology
  • School Safety Plan
  • Student Transportation Plan
  • Board Self-Evaluation
  • Racial Equity & Implicit Bias Partnerships
  • Election Ballot Items for November 6th

Read a summary & view video clips here for the above items.
August 16 Called Meeting
The board will call a special meeting as needed in coordination with the Superintendent. At this meeting, board members voted on items that would be put on the November 6th ballot related to Dallas ISD.

View the full vote tracker here for the following items:

  • Allow voters to approve new tax rate for increased funding to Dallas ISD (passed 7-1)
  • Approve a $75M bond that refinances $75M in funds currently in the operating budget that are eligible bond fund expenses (passed 8-0)
  • Approve a $75M bond that will fund long term replacement of buses and the building of a bus facility - passed 8-0
  • Approve the District's recommendation of the purchase of attendance credits as the method to balance their share of "Robinhood" funds to the state - passed 8-0 (Blackburn not present)

August 23 Board Meeting
At a board meeting, school board members share updates from the districts they each represent, hear from the public (like you!), and vote on items that require their approval.

View the full vote tracker here for all items, including the following:

  • Expansion of Early Childhood Education with the addition of 12 new partnerships
  • Establishment of provider for first aid mental health training
  • New partnerships with 5 industry partner for 5 high schools
  • Establishment of providers for racial equity and implicit bias training
  • Self reflection on board governance
  • Expand staffing for dual credit instruction through Texas A&M Commerce
  • Authorize UT Dallas ability to research the Teacher Evaluation System (TEI)
  • Salary raises for eligible staff for 2018-2019
August 23 Ad Hoc Governance Committee Meeting
This committee is focused on tackling policies, operating procedures, and onboarding processes that impact the ability of the board to be high-functioning.

  • Committee established by Board president Edwin Flores
  • Committee made up of 3 trustees; Miguel Solis, Jaime Resendez, Justin Henry
  • Trustee Solis will focus on policies that impact the board's governance
  • Trustee Resendez will focus on on boarding processes for new trustees
  • Trustee Henry will focus on the operating procedures of the board
DKF is proud to partner with CAMP (Campaign Activity and Management Program), a fellowship that focuses on training Dallas leaders committed to a better future for Dallas students and equipping participants with the necessary skills to support elected officials and candidates seeking office. 

Applications are due August 27th , 2018 by 11:59 PM. If you have any questions regarding the fellowship, please email
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Every kid deserves a quality education, and the school board plays a major role in ensuring this happens. Dallas Kids First raises awareness on the role of our Dallas ISD School Board’s leadership.

Anytime you have a game, candy and school supplies, it's a fun time! DKF had opportunity to share the excitement with parents and students at the For Oak Cliff Festival and the Mayor's Back to School Fair. Students got to spin our prize wheel and answer a question about the role of the school board, when elections occur, how many schools are in our District, etc. It was great to share an exciting time with DISD families!
Upcoming School Board Meetings

Location: 5151 Samuell Blvd, Dallas TX

  • September Board Briefing: Thursday, September 13 @ 11:30am
  • September Board Meeting: Thursday, September 27 @ 6:30pm

Unable to attend? Meetings are live-streamed and archived here .