DKF Connect | October 2018
Every Dallas kid deserves a great education, and our elected school board leaders play a major role in making this happen.
Dallas Kids First increases awareness on the role & impact of the Dallas ISD School Board leadership for constituents and supports school board campaigns that focus on student outcomes.
Join us in supporting Dallas ISD On Your November Ballot!

DKF recommends voting "FOR" Propositions A, B, C, D (bottom of your ballot) when you vote in the midterm elections.

Alongside statewide races, citizens that live in DISD boundaries will be asked to vote on Propositions A,B,C,D - all critically important to continuing current progress in Dallas ISD.

We need your help!
2. Share this email with your friends and neighbors
3. Vote and encourage voting! (Propositions A-D will be at the bottom of the ballot.)

Early Voting begins Monday, October 22nd!
Monday, October 22 - Saturday, October 27 7:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday, October 28 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Monday, October 29 - Friday, November 2 7:00am - 7:00pm

During early voting, choose any convenient location to cast your vote here . On election day you must vote in your own precinct.

Learn more about propositions A, B, C, D from this Trustee video.
October School Board Meeting Updates
October 4 Board Briefing
At a briefing, the board discusses items they will need to vote in upcoming meetings and hears reports from the Dallas ISD Administration on ways in which the district is meeting student needs.

Read a summary  here  for the agenda highlights below.

  • Agenda Highlights
  • Student Outcome Goal 2-Student achievement on the 3rd grade state assessment in Reading at “Approaches” or above will increasefrom 63% to 75% by 2022.
  • Legislative priorities
  • Supporting teachers through curriculum
  • Self evaluation through the Lone Star Governance tool
  • State-led online courses

October 18 Ad Hoc Committee Meeting on Board Governance
This committee is focused on tackling policies, operating procedures, and onboarding processes that impact the ability of the board to be high-functioning.

  • Agenda Highlights:
  • Committee is made up of 3 trustee: Miguel Solis, Jaime Resendez, Justin Henry
  • Trustee Resendez shared an update for this meeting. He has partnered with a Leadership ISD fellow to review the onboarding procedures as they stand. They will be talking to all trustees about what they would have liked to know when they first got on the board to be better prepared.
  • At the next meeting, Trustee Henry and Trustee Solis will share updates for their specific focus of board governance. Trustee Henry has a focus on the operating procedures of the board while Trustee Solis has a focus on the policies that impact board governance.

October 18 Board Meeting
At a board meeting, school board members share updates from the districts they each represent, hear from the public (like you!), and vote on items that require their approval.

View the full vote tracker  here  for all items, including the following:

  • Agenda highlights
  • Six priorities approved to deliver to the Dallas delegation of representatives prior to the start of the January 2019 session
  • Board self-evaluation using the Lone Star Governance tool
  • Approved resolution to solidify way funds would be spent if a TRE passes
  • View all trustee votes on the October Vote Tracker
Keeping Students Front and Center
 New Millenial Project Bootcamp is a pilot student program led by valued DKF Partner Harold Hogue designed to walk students through the role, responsibilities, and impact that school board members have on education and communities.

Upon completion of New Millennial Project Bootcamp, students will have an opportunity to directly influence the school board election process by leveraging their experience and voice to help choose and support the leaders that represent their communities during the Dallas Kids First endorsement process. 

Students who complete the boot camp will also be eligible for paid campaign opportunities that will serve as great resume builders for those who are interested in civic leadership! 

If you have students in mind that would be an excellent fit for NMP, please recommend them by clicking here . If there are others in your network you believe would benefit from this info, please forward along! 
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Mark Your Calendar
Upcoming School Board Meetings

Location: 5151 Samuell Blvd, Dallas TX

  • Board Briefing: Thursday, November 1 @ 11:30am
  • Board Meeting: Thursday, November 15 @ 6:30pm

Unable to attend? Meetings are live-streamed and archived here .