Volume 94 - Issue 4 | October 2021

Cathy Tenney, Editor
News from Ohio State Organization
To have meaning, our lives require both passion and purpose. A life without passion is like a furnace without fuel, and without purpose, like a ship without a rudder.  -  Mardy Grothe
OSO Member Spotlight

Roz Gadd, Beta Chi Chapter, won the “Best of Show” award ribbon for a floral entry in the Canfield Fair, one of Ohio’s largest fairs.

Carol Hart, Beta Chi Chapter, won many award ribbons for her quilting entries, also from the Canfield Fair. 
Fran Wilhelm, Beta Gamma Chapter, received an’ Honorable Mention Award’ by the Garden Clubs of Ohio for writing an essay on how their club remained connected during a Pandemic. The Herb Guild awarded her with score of 97% based on their criteria for an entry.
Congratulations to all of our OSO Delta Kappa Gamma Sisters
for their honors and recognitions.
We are so proud of your accomplishments!
The Voice is Evolving!
Over the past few years our state newsletter, The Voice, has been a great way for our leaders to provide important information to chapters and their members. However, there is always room for improvement. 

You may have noticed the October online edition looked a little different and was significantly shorter. We decided it was time to change things up a little and those of us on the OSO Communications/Marketing Committee are working hard to transition to a more exciting, energizing, and reader friendly format. You will notice even more changes in coming editions!

PLEASE take a few minutes to read The Voice each month and provide feedback regarding what we can do to make it even better. We want members to find it informative and interesting. We would like for you to complete The Voice Feedback survey. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Katie Gantz, Gamma Phi
Communications/Marketing Chair
A Shout Out!
I want to begin with a shout out to Alice Harker and Carla Mavis of Beta Rho Chapter in Circleville.  I was attending a Rotary Meeting with OGIL and was looking for the restroom.  

A lady came around the corner and was pointing me in the right direction when both of us realized we knew each other behind our face masks.  Alice and I had a good laugh as it was very unexpected.  Alice introduced me to Carla (they were both volunteering at the church) and I was able to give them each a cookbook with Fran DeWine and Dolly Parton’s family recipes. 

We had a little technology problem that we were unaware of until Ruth Scott of Alpha Chi sent an email asking about her request for a state officer visit since I had not responded. I had actually been wondering why I wasn't getting any requests for visits.

Your requests were not getting to me even though the message was showing that they were sent. I contacted our webmaster, Eileen McNally, and she persevered until the problem was resolved. The forms have started coming to my email and I have been making plans to attend chapter meetings around the state.

Thank you Ruth and Eileen!

Chapter News from Around Ohio
The members of Beta Gamma Chapter enjoyed a wine tasting event given by Sarida Volante, employee of Vermillion Valley.
Alpha Psi Chapter’s active retired teachers met to create “ Welcome Back” treat bags. It was important for us to show our support and appreciation to our chapter’s working DKG teachers.
"K" in DKG - Kids and The Ohio Governor's
Imagination Library Program
The DKG of our OSO President’s Initiatives started with the “D”, Donate, last month.  A future Voice issue will focus on the “G”, Girl Scouts Delta Kappa Gamma Curriculum. For October, we focus on the “K”, Kids and The Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library Program. 
The Ohio Governor's Imagination Library is a program that provides every Ohio child from birth to age five with a free book each month. Through a partnership with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, this program is free to all families in Ohio.

Send In Your Chapter Newsletters
A Look Back - Milestones II
Your leadership and commitment to Delta Kappa Gamma deserves to be recognized and named in the soon to be released Milestones II. This document captures the history of Delta Kappa Gamma Ohio members through words and photographs.

Have you served on an International Committee? Have you received an International Scholarship, Award, Funding for Professional Development or Educational Project? If so, your time is now to let your Ohio sisters know of your accomplishments!

The Milestones II committee is eager to hear from Ohio member leaders who served or received monetary awards, scholarships and/or funding at the International level. Kindly send your name, chapter, committee or award, scholarship and/or funding and the year(s) at your earliest convenience to DianaHaskell1@gmail.com
Remembering Our Lost Sisters
OSO Member "Ship" Cruise Campaign
The Time has Come to Announce
The 2021-2022
OSO Membership Promotion

The Membership Committee presents “The 2021-2022 OSO Member “SHIP” Cruise Campaign.” We will be unveiling the detailed plans for ways to increase our OSO Chapters’ Membership for 2021-2022 during the upcoming November Fall Executive Board Meeting. 

Be the SPARK. . .
Brenda Rojas
A. Margaret Boyd International Fellowship Recipient
Alpha Delta State Educational Foundation’s Newest
A.   Margaret Boyd International Fellowship Recipient

The Foundation would like to introduce to all OSO members Brenda Rojas from Paraguay.  

Brenda arrived on August 23, in Columbus to continue her studies at The Ohio State University.  She wants to earn a Master’s degree in Educational Policy.  It is her goal through this program, that she will have the opportunity to examine and understand the problems of contemporary policies that affect the educational environment.  

ADSOEF Educational Services Opportunities

The Educational Services Committee has the fun job of granting money in three categories.  Consider applying today!

The funds are dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you wait until the end of the fiscal year or even after May 1st, the funds may not be available.

Applications are available at www.adsoef.org.  The following awards were given in the fiscal year 2020-2021.

Why?  Lifelong Learning. Why?
I think I am a perpetual four-year old. Why?  Exactly.  Like a curious and constantly learning child, I have always wanted to know the why, even when I wasn’t supposed to ask “why,” as when I was in the military.  

Many things in the armed forces have procedures and rules, and one of the most important things is “chain of command” which can stop curiosity along the way.  However, even then, I would sometimes ask why and actually had a few minor procedures changed in my unit.  The military helped pay for my college and helped me mature and grow. 

Your Foundation Committees will be highlighted and introduced in the The Voice.  This month we are highlighting the Marketing and Educational Services Committees.  If you are interested in serving on a Foundation committee, please contact Dr. Norma Kirby at nkkirby@roadrunner.com.  

ADSOEF Donor Recognition
What is the World Fellowship Program?
                             World Fellowship in Review
If you’re anything like me, you need to refresh your memory now and then. Although some things may never change - like “Why did I come in here?” or “Now, what was I looking for?” and “Where did I put my keys, glasses, etc?” – some memories just need a little nudge to come back into the light. So, I am going to give everyone a crash course on the origin and continuation of our World Fellowship Program, as well as some money-making suggestions.  The following is taken from the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International’s official flyer:
Important OSO-DKG Dates to Remember

November 1, 2021 - Chapter Yearbooks Due

November 13, 2021 - OSO Executive Board Meeting
Dublin Embassy Suites

June 9-10, 2022 - OSO Executive Board Meeting
New Chapter Presidents' Training
Dublin Embassy Suites
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