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March 2022
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Our 2021 sales results are in and we are proud to report a record-breaking year delivering 54.2 million Couple Years of Protection. In the spirit of transparency, we share the details of every product sold and service delivered in every country so that others can independently assess and analyze our health impact. Details are below.

This newsletter also shares other stories and information, including the resilience of our teams in Myanmar, a recently published article by DKT staff, a cycling challenge in Tanzania, and our latest Story of Impact. 

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Chris Purdy
DKT's Annual Sales Results are here
We are pleased to announce that DKT produced record-breaking sales results last year. In 2021, DKT delivered 54.2 million CYPs across 90 different countries, a 12% increase over the previous year. These results included (to mention a few) the sale and distribution of 4.7 million IUDs, 901.4 million condoms, and 5 million medical abortion combination packs. Details for each product sold in each country can be easily accessed on our website here.

We are grateful to the DKT teams around the world as well as DKT partners and donors. These results are a tribute to their support and efforts.
In 2021, DKT sold over 900 million condoms across our global programs, supporting couples in preventing pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.
Article on the critical role of the private sector in delivering contraception and safe abortion care
DKT works primarily in the private sector, which plays a critical role in supplying contraceptives and safe abortion to women and men around the world. In fact, in low- and middle-income countries, 34% of contraceptive users obtain their contraceptives from the private sector. A recently published article by DKT staff explores the significance of the private sector in delivering sexual and reproductive health. Often overlooked, the private sector supports women’s autonomy in contraceptive choice, anonymity through a variety of private sector channels, and high-quality products and care. 

Find more articles by DKT staff on our website.
Pharmacies and drug shops are often the first place women and men seek information about contraception as these outlets offer greater anonymity and ease of access.
DKT partners with the UNFPA to provide services in the midst of conflict
2021 proved to be a challenging year for sexual and reproductive health access for men and women in Myanmar. Amidst the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions and a humanitarian crisis, DKT faced these challenges head on. Through our partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), DKT played a key role in continuing to supply contraceptives and other reproductive health services to men and women in Myanmar. In 2021, DKT delivered over 1 million CYPs – the highest number of CYPs generated by DKT Myanmar since the program began in 2015. DKT’s teams believe that even in the most uncertain times women and men deserve the choice of when pregnancy is right for them. DKT is proud to be just one of the many partners that remains committed to providing services and products during these times of conflict. 

Read more about how DKT and UNFPA collaborated to best reach men and women in Myanmar here
DKT teams in Myanmar remain committed to ensuring contraceptives are available to women and men in uncertain times.
DKT Tanzania launches the "Cycle for HIV 2022" Challenge with an unforgettable ride
In February, DKT kicked-off our New Year’s fitness goal with a 3-day-long cycling tour on the coast of Zanzibar. DKT Tanzania sponsored the “Cycle for HIV 2022” Challenge, an online activation event that aims to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and use of DKT’s condom brands. DKT invited participants to take part in the 180-kilometer-long cycle challenge between Stonetown, Kimzikazi, Urua, and Nungwio. In between, participants took part in Fiesta, Kiss, and Bull Condom “treasure hunts”. The branding initiative created an active and exciting opportunity to promote safe sex in Tanzania. 
To promote condom use and increase HIV/AIDS awareness, DKT Tanzania launched a new cycling challenge.
Story of Impact: Meet Olawunmi, a Makeup Artist & Salon Owner in Nigeria
In DKT’s most recent Story of Impact, we meet Olawunmi Adeyemo who says DKT’s Lydia IUD has changed her life in so many ways. When Olawunmi and her husband got married, they decided to only have two children. After her second pregnancy where she had twins, she immediately sought contraceptive methods so that she could continue to manage her hair and make-up salon without the worry of another child. Through the easily accessible Honey&Banana Connect toll-free call center, Olawunmi got all of her questions answered about the Lydia IUD. Today, she continues to pursue her dream to make her salon, Ola-Boss Makeover, known all over the world. Now that she is free of pregnancy worries, she has a better shot at that dream.

Read Olawunmi’s full story and other Stories of Impact here.
Olawunmi Adeye in front of her salon Ola-Boss in Balogun, Ikeja, where she sells cosmetics and weaves.
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