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October 2021
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Every year, DKT celebrates World Contraception Day, recognizing global efforts to increase access to affordable, high-quality contraception options. This month, we reflect on the work that has driven DKT’s mission and our rapid growth in the sexual and reproductive health space. 

In our October newsletter, we share DKT’s 2020 Contraceptive Social Marketing statistics, DKT Nigeria receiving recognition as pioneers in sustainable development, twelve young advocates of sex and pleasure, and a collaborative effort to train more providers to administer long-acting reversible contraception in Ghana. 

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2020 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics reveal global social marketing organizations' persistence through pandemic
In celebration of World Contraception Day, DKT released the 2020 Contraceptive Social Marketing (CSM) Statistics. Since 1991, DKT has compiled annual sales and couple years of protection (CYP) data from CSM programs operating globally to help those interested and involved in family planning track worldwide impact. The report aims to encourage open, transparent dialogues between programs that supply sexual and reproductive health products through the private sector.

In 2020, 112 programs across 68 countries generated 81.6 million CYPs. This is a notable achievement in the age of COVID, lockdowns, and supply chain disruption. Products sold ranged from condoms, oral contraceptives, hormonal implants, to abortion pills, and more. The sales data highlights SRH products primarily sold to the private sector, including private pharmacies and clinics, supermarkets, and myriad shops; some programs sold products to other NGOs and to the public sector. DKT is proud to work alongside social marketing organizations that are closing gaps in SRH care globally by providing affordable, accessible, and quality contraceptive products. We will continue to share data-driven results to inform communities, governments, and public health partners about the role and benefits of contraceptive social marketing. 

The full 2020 CSM statistics report and previous reports can be found here.
Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics are published annually by DKT International to demonstrate the quantitative impact of contraceptive social marketing programs around the world.
#LoveMyLevo: DKT WomanCare and DKT Ghana partner to increase the love for Levoplant
DKT WomanCare and DKT Ghana celebrated World Contraception Day together this year to kick off the #LoveMyLevo campaign. Together, the two DKT programs held a five-day training for 20 healthcare providers about the insertion and removal of Levoplant—a three-year contraceptive implant marketed and distributed by WomanCare. By the end of the multi-day training, nearly 100 women were administered Levoplant.

Special thanks to the Ghana Health Service who helped promote Levoplant as a long-term contraceptive and who supervised the five-day training.
Levoplant users pose strong and proud with their new long-term contraception. #LoveMyLevo
DKT Nigeria's Honey&Banana Program recognized as a pioneer of sustainable development goals by the Journalists and Writers Foundation
This month, DKT Nigeria’s Honey&Banana Integrated Digital Ecosystem won second place at the Journalist and Writers Foundation’s Pioneers in Sustainable Development Goals Awards Ceremony. Watch DKT Nigeria’s own Chidinma Onuoha accept the award for Honey&Banana’s success here

Honey&Banana is a digital resource for family planning products and services. “So far we’ve talked to over 335,000 callers from different parts of Nigeria,” says Onuoha. “[Nigerians] are seeking places where they have privacy, can get confidential information, and access medical experts. That’s the beauty of the H&B platform,” DKT is there to raise awareness, be a resource for information, and to refer clients to quality sexual and reproductive health services. 
Honey&Banana recently celebrated their three year anniversary, pictured above. The program is instrumental in offering digital sexual and reproductive healthcare in Nigeria.
DKT partners with the Pleasure Project to announce 12 Global Pleasure Fellows
DKT and the Pleasure Project launched the Pleasure Fellows Cohort, 12 advocates from around the world committed to driving the pleasure-forward narrative. When it comes to safe sex, the Pleasure Project places takes a pleasure-positive approach. The Pleasure Project is an international education and advocacy organization that works at the intersection of sexual health and sexual pleasure. In alignment with DKT’s sex-positive objectives, we are thrilled to partner with the Pleasure Project to offer productive and compassionate sexual health education and increase the use and effectiveness of sexual and reproductive health products and care.

Through a series of seminars, the Pleasure Fellows will learn about pleasure-positive research and participate in engaging discussions. They will then return to their communities and carry out pleasure-based missions. DKT looks forward to supporting the growth of these passionate fellows and the impact of their work.

Are you interested in learning more about the role sexual pleasure can play in healthcare? Read “Sexual Pleasure and Healthcare Settings: Focusing on Pleasure to Improve Healthcare Delivery and Utilization,” co-authored by Chris Purdy.
The 12 Pleasure Project Fellows represent ten different countries.
Celebrating Responsible Men this November: World Vasectomy Day 2021
DKT is proud to partner with World Vasectomy Day, the largest male-focused family planning movement composed of sexual and reproductive health providers, organizational partners, and advocates around the world. This year, World Vasectomy Day activities will include training providers on safe and successful vasectomy procedures, conducting thousands of vasectomies across countries such as Mexico and Uganda, and hosting a two week-long educational tour across the eastern United States. 

World Vasectomy Day encourages men to make positive contraceptive choices out of love, to support their partners and families, and to rethink their narratives of masculinity. In preparation for World Vasectomy Day activities in November, DKT will be inspiring conversations surrounding vasectomies and highlighting stories across our programs. To support World Vasectomy Day, donate here and follow along on our Twitter and LinkedIn for more information on the movement
World Vasectomy Day celebrates men who make positive choices out of love.
Story of Impact: Meet Zulekha, a community midwife in Pakistan
In DKT’s most recent Story of Impact, we meet Zulekha Baloch, a community midwife who worked hard to achieve her dream of working in healthcare. When she set out to attend midwifery school and open up her own clinic, Zulekha faced opposition from her husband, family, and community. Despite these challenges, in 2013 she completed her midwifery course, and in 2015 she was approached by DKT Pakistan to open her own Dhanak clinic—among thousands of other midwife-owned DKT Dhanak Health Care centers nationwide. Her passion for educating and supporting her community through patient-centered care has played an essential role in inspiring positive change in attitudes towards family planning in her community.

Find more DKT stories of impact here.
Zulekha in her Dhanak clinic, where she serves her community in Pakistan with multiple contraceptive options.
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