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September 2021
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In this newsletter, we highlight DKT’s recent $1 billion commitment over 10 years to advance the goals of FP2030. We also share new data regarding our low Cost per CYP, making DKT a great return on investment for donors.

While we harbor a broad vision for the future, promoting sexual and reproductive health requires a focus on the day-to-day business of ensuring that new products are available, information is clear and easy to access, and that lives are changed. Below, you can read more about how DKT has made contraception more approachable and accessible: see the introduction of new contraceptives in Uganda and Kenya, our summertime Fiesta lube launch in Egypt, and our “Story of Impact” about a young couple who sought DKT’s services in India.

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DKT commits US$1 billion to generate 400 million CYPs and advance goals of FP2030
DKT is proud to be one of six inaugural commitment makers to FP2030. From now until 2030, DKT will generate 400 million non-abortion Couple Years of Protection (CYPs) across over 90 countries. In that time, we will also invest $1 billion of sales revenue and discretionary resources to produce these results. A major component of this investment includes DKT covering most of the cost of procurement of contraceptives and commodities to advance these goals. 

You can read more about our announcement here.
DKT International is proud to be an FP2030 commitment maker
DKT's 2020 Cost and Results
After crunching our audited 2020 financials, we are pleased to report that DKT’s Cost per CYP remained low at $1.65. This figure represents the cost to DKT’s donors to provide 1 year of contraceptive coverage to a couple. While there are other costs associated with providing care and coverage, these costs are absorbed by consumers themselves through out of pocket payments. DKT provided 46 million Couple Years of Protection in 2020, making us one of the largest providers of contraception and safe abortion products, services, and technology in the world.

Unsurprisingly, the Cost per CYP is higher in countries with lower per capita income. Because consumer’s ability to pay is less, DKT requires more donor money to cover service delivery costs. This is outlined in greater detail in the graphs below. DKT strives towards financial sustainability by offsetting the price of subsidized products and programs with those that generate more revenues, the practice of cross-subsidization. Find more of our 2020 results here.
The first graph shows the trend of cost per CYP over the past twelve years. The second graph breaks down cost per CYP for select DKT programs in 2020.
New product launches strengthen contraceptive security in Kenya and Uganda's private sector
In August, DKT Kenya and Uganda began distributing and marketing Levoplant subdermal contraceptive implants in the private sector—the first implant to be distributed or marketed to the private sector in both countries. DKT Kenya will also launch Lydia Injectable contraceptives soon. Implants and injectables are among the most popular contraceptive methods in East Africa, but distribution is typically limited to public sector facilities, therefore reducing access for providers and consumers. Now, DKT is increasing the availability and accessibility of long-acting reversible contraception for women seeking affordable options at private clinics. DKT’s other upcoming launches in East Africa this quarter include Kiss Studded Condoms in Kenya and Lydia Fine oral contraceptive pills in Uganda.
DKT Kenya team members promote DKT products to curious customers
DKT Egypt celebrates launch of Fiesta Strawberry and Natural Lubricants
Fiesta Strawberry and Natural Lubricant launch activities on Marina beach
DKT Egypt launched Fiesta’s Natural and Strawberry flavored lubricants with a four-week-long event at Marina, a beach in Alexandria that is a popular summer destination for young Egyptians. Beachgoers were treated to lube-themed shower heads, soap soccer (soccer played in a bouncy castle filled with soap), Fiesta lube and condom samples, and waterfront parties. Fiesta brand ambassadors connected with both women and men to help promote products and deconstruct taboos surrounding safe sex.
DKT's Stories of Impact: From Ethiopia to India
In the two most recent stories from DKT’s Stories of Impact, DKT shares the real life and human impact of our work. In the first story, we meet Selam. As part of her career as a sex worker, Selam needs to be tested frequently for HIV/AIDs. DKT Ethiopia’s Wise-Up HIV drop-in centers are a place where she can get tested affordably, seek sexual health advice, and even do chores like laundry. She is investing the money she’s saved by going to Wise-Up into her college education. Read her full story here.

DKT’s newest Story of Impact shares the story of Vikash and Ragini, a couple who sought sexual and reproductive health guidance from DKT Janani’s Surya Clinic Network. Early in their marriage, the couple agreed that they only wanted two children. With the help of the Surya Clinics and DKT’s products, they now have the family they envisioned. “Now we can afford to educate and take care of our children properly,” says Ragini. Read the full story here.
Vikash (left), Ragini (right), and their two children at a Janani Clinic
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