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April 2022
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  • DKT’s 2022 Annual Report
  • A case study about how social marketing is expanding condom markets in Ethiopia, Brazil, and Indonesia
  • An article on the important role of the private sector in ensuring access to contraception and safe abortion
  • A new online medical abortion training course for providers, and
  • A new partner clinic in Mozambique

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DKT's 2022 Annual Report
Our 7 page annual report is now available and we hope you will read it. You can find the report here.

Although we faced a number of challenges in 2021, DKT delivered record-breaking results, increasing access to sexual and reproductive health products and care. In 2021, DKT generated 54.2 million CYPs across 90 different countries, preventing an estimated 10.5 million unintended pregnancies, 28,500 maternal deaths, and 8.3 million unsafe abortions. 

As a reminder, DKT publishes our yearly sales by country and product, as well as health impact here.
DKT's products and services reached women and men in over 90 different countries in 2021.
How social marketing grew condom markets in Ethiopia, Brazil, and Indonesia
In a recently-published article in Social Marketing Quarterly, DKT staff demonstrate how three social marketing programs contributed to a significant growth in the overall size of condom markets. This so-called ‘Halo Effect’ was a result of investments in the category, segmentation of markets, and introduction of product innovation.

Read the complete article here to learn more.
In Ethiopia, social marketing helped to build a strong, sustainable commercial condom market.
The critical role of the private sector in delivering contraception and safe abortion care
In low- and middle-income countries around the world, nearly 34% of contraceptive users obtain their contraceptives from the private sector. Often overlooked, the private sector supports women’s autonomy in contraceptive choice, anonymity through a variety of private sector channels, and high-quality products and care. The recently published article by DKT staff explores the significance of the private sector in delivering sexual and reproductive health. 

Find more articles by DKT staff on our website.
Pharmacies and drug shops are often the first place women and men seek information about contraception as these outlets offer greater anonymity and ease of access.
WomenFirstDigital's partners with the International Planned Parenthood Federation to increase access to medical abortion training for providers
Healthcare providers are essential to ensuring medical abortion procedures are safe and comfortable, and they are often the first source of information for consumers. However, limited access to medical abortion training lessens providers’ ability to ensure high-quality care. To mitigate this disparity, WFD collaborated with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) to launch a free medical abortion course for healthcare providers on The course reaches all levels of providers, from doctors, nurses, midwives, to pharmacists, and is offered in six different languages. Using a person-centered framework and following the updated WHO abortion care guidelines, the course prioritizes the well-being of women through ensuring high-quality care. By leveraging digital platforms, Women First Digital plays a pivotal role in increasing access to medical abortion education across the globe.

Find more information about the medical abortion training course here.
The new training course offers information for all-levels of healthcare providers.
DKT Mozambique opens their fourth Intimo partner clinic, providing more abortions to women
DKT Mozambique’s robust clinic network offers a wide range of products and services to women throughout the country. In early 2022, DKT opened a new Intimo partner clinic in the Inhambane province, the 14th Intimo private sector partner clinic and the 4th Intimo abortion clinic to reach women with safe, affordable, and high-quality abortion care. The launch was celebrated with a feature in national news and a visit by the Provincial Ministry of Health. Inhambane province has a high rate of teenage pregnancy at 43%, and less than 50% of the population has access to public health services. DKT is proud to deliver clinical services where need is high and reach more communities with affordable and quality care.
The Intimo partner clinic opened in Inhambane province with a launch celebration.
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