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July 2021
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This newsletter highlights just a sampling of the activities and efforts happening at DKT every month. We highlight the launch of the new low-priced condom in DRC, our partnership with MTV in Brazil, the mobile outreach clinics in Mozambique (don’t miss the Video Postcard), and a story of a woman in Nigeria who opted to use DKT’s Lydia IUD. Every day, DKT teams are doing the needful to ensure that women and men can avail of high-quality, affordable contraception. We hope you will enjoy reading a few examples of what how this is done.

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DRC launches Chic Condoms
To help people with lower incomes or living in more rural locations avail of affordable condoms, DKT DRC is proud to have newly launched ‘Chic’ brand condoms which are available at the low price of $0.04 per condom. DKT’s sales force and youth ambassadors organized several activities like mini roadshows and street activations throughout the country to promote the new product, selling more than 350,000 units in May alone. By offering products at different prices, DKT DRC promotes cross-subsidization and equity by ensuring sexual and reproductive health reaches everyone, not just those at the top. Ca c’est chic!
DKT DRC launched a new condom brand, Chic Condoms, aimed to reach those outsides of major cities and to be inclusive of all income levels.
Story of Impact: Odogwu Anene Nkemdilim, a Grocery Seller in Nigeria
Meet Odogwu Anene Nkemdilim, a grocery seller in Nigeria. After getting married and having two children, she knew she needed to find a contraceptive option that would give her more time between births to pursue her career goals. Nkemdilim chose a Lydia IUD and now raves about it to friends. Her dream is to open her own pharmacy where she can sell DKT products like condoms and oral contraceptives. Prioritizing her reproductive future allowed Nkemdilim to focus on her long-term professional goals and care for the family she currently has. Read her full story here.
Odogwu Anene Nkemdilim, a grocery seller in Nigeria (right), chose a Lydia IUD to take control of her reproductive destiny and focus on her professional ambitions.
Video Postcard: providing contraceptives through mobile clinics in Mozambique
Please view our new video to learn about DKT’s mobile clinic work in Mozambique. As COVID-19 forced people to stay home and limit their exposure to the outside world, DKT Mozambique acted quickly to ensure women and couples received the sexual and reproductive health care they still needed. DKT introduced pop up stores and mobile clinics to meet consumers in heavily trafficked areas, such as markets, to reach clients while on their lunch breaks or running errands. By setting up resources in areas where people already are, DKT increased access to contraceptives at a time when many in-person activities are limited. To document these efforts, DKT created this video about mobile clinic outreach.
DKT's Prudence brand on MTV Brazil
De Férias Com o Ex Brasil is popular among young people across Latin America
The MTV show De Férias Com o Ex Brasil (“Vacation with the Ex - Brazil”) launched its new season with sponsorship from DKT’s condom brand Prudence. The show is based on the British television show Ex on the Beach and features a group of single young men and women enjoying a beach holiday that goes awry when their exes suddenly show up. During the program’s publicity period and until launch date, Prudence was featured 608 times on MTV. The first episode’s debut ranked first among audiences aged 18-34, fourth for those aged 18-49, and was Twitter’s number one trending topic regionally. With sponsorship from Prudence, De Férias Com o Ex presented safe sex as fun and sexy among young adult audiences across Central and South America.
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