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June 2020
Dear Friend of DKT,

What a year the last couple of months has been.
The challenges of COVID-19 continue to reverberate throughout the world and into the reproductive health space. These issues were highlighted this week in an article in The Atlantic , where DKT is featured. 
In the USA, we have faced two weeks of national protest and unrest, catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd by police officers captured on video, the latest in a pattern of racial inequity faced by Blacks and people of color in this country. DKT International is doing what we can to learn, reflect, and implement policies that address and rectify these inequities. We know there is much work to do. We also believe that ensuring women and men have the right to determine their reproductive destinies is part of this work.
Around the world, DKT is hard at work to deliver on this promise. We continue to train providers, deliver products and services, and launch new products. Please read on.
We hope you and your families remain safe during this time. We welcome your comments and questions
With thanks,
Chris Purdy
Virtual trainings during pandemic
DKT conducted online training sessions for health care providers after gatherings were cancelled due to COVID-19. While lock-downs and stay-at-home measures continue, DKT has continued building capacity by training providers on MVA (a safe abortion product used to manage miscarriages and provide abortion care), IUD insertion, and proper dosage and use of medical abortion.
DKT WomanCare launched a training Academy that offers educational modules on a range of topics about family planning, safe abortion, and miscarriage management. The academy is in the early stages, but has a module on the contraceptive implant here .  I n the Philippines, DKT hosted virtual training to educate providers on the benefits of our contraceptive products and technology for miscarriage management. In Egypt, DKT Junior Product Manager Roba Ahmed recorded training   videos   about providing emergency contraception for marketing coordinators    to share with customers.

DKT held a webinar in Indonesia with more than 16,000 midwives and 21,000 total people in attendance. The webinar featured the Director of Family Health of BKKBN ( The National Population and Family Planning Board), who reinforced the message that the private sector plays an important role in providing family planning services in Indonesia, especially during the pandemic. Watch the full webinar video here.
DKT demonstrates proper usage of an MVA kit to manage miscarriages in the Philippines.
A DKT representative holds a training online in Egypt.
DKT White Paper on Safe Abortion
DKT is one of the largest providers of safe abortion and post-abortion care products, services, and technology in the world, and has published a White Paper outlining main points of this work around the world. This White Paper reflects on DKT’s global leadership to increase access to life-saving products by registering and selling the mifepristone and misoprostol, distributing manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) kits, building provider capacity, and developing online safe abortion resources.
The white paper can be   viewed in full here .
Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
The global pandemic has created a myriad of challenges for DKT. This was highlighted recently in The Atlantic and DKT was prominently featured. Other articles about DKT’s effort to mitigate these risk and issues were highlighted in Politico , CNN , and Foreign Policy .
This is an unprecedented time and DKT is adapting nimbly and quickly. While we hope for the best, we are preparing for the worst and assuming that these disruptions could be the new reality for the foreseeable future.  People around the world still need what DKT does every day. As the largest provider of contraceptives and safe abortion products in the world, we won’t let them down.

Launched: injectable in Nigeria, emergency contraception in Bolivia, Guinea, and Mauritania
DKT Nigeria is launching Progesta , a new 3-month injectable contraceptive. The first order of 450,000 vials was already pre-sold before the shipment was cleared through the port. We expect large demand for this high-quality, affordable product.
In Bolivia, Guinea, and Mauritania, DKT introduced emergency contraception products in May. We hope to promote these products using innovative advertising such as this TV ad from French West Africa.  
Photo journal: prioritizing safety and distribution during COVID-19
DKT Mozambique's Sales Manager distributes products during COVID-19 .
DKT Nigeria representatives continue to distribute products despite restricted movement and a national curfew.
DKT sales representatives wearing our Batela Lobi Na Yo branded masks in DRC.
A DKT representative getting Kiss condoms where they need to go despite the pandemic.
DKT Myanmar sales representatives distribute products in our branded personal protective equipment.
A sales representative visits a pharmacy in Egypt during the pandemic, wearing protective masks and gloves to stay safe.
DKT is using motorcycles in places like India and Uganda when other means of transport are unavailable due to the pandemic.
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