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We are pleased to share our 2022 sales and CYP results.

DKT International had a record-breaking 2022, as we delivered over 61.6 million CYPs across more than 100 countries, an increase of 14% over 2021 results. During a year marked by global inflation, conflict, and lingering supply chain issues, DKT offices around the world remained focused on ensuring that people could shape their reproductive destinies with the products, services, and information they choose.  

We are transparent with our results. A summary of our 2022 product and service results is detailed below, and a breakdown of sales by country and product is available on our website here. We believe sharing these figures helps the reproductive health community better understand market dynamics, how health needs are being met, and where gaps may still exist.

In addition to these sales figures, we are proud to share the following related results:


  • DKT’s partner, Women First Digital, netted 7.3 million site visits in 2022 across their three websites: howtouseabortionpill, safe2choose, and findmymethod
  • DKT WomanCare expanded product offerings and geographies, strengthening its role as a hand-in-glove partner with manufacturers for global distribution and marketing; and
  • carafem, DKT’s affiliate in the USA, provided services to more than 19,700 clients, expanding our telemedicine work by 185% over the prior year.
  • DKT further continued to expand work in challenging environments including Ukraine, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Chad. Read more about our work, and the work of our partner in Ukraine, here
  • DKT trained and detailed over 455,800 providers on contraception and safe abortion methods in 2022.


The DKT International Team


2022 Sales

Total CYPs

61.6 million

Male condoms

1.01 billion

Female condoms


Oral contraception (OC)

107.8 million

Emergency contraception

24.6 million


4 million

Contraceptive suppositories

1.3 million

Total injectables

34.3 million

3-month injectables

25.6 million

3-month injectable (SubQ)


2-month injectables

1.5 million

1-month injectables

6.6 million

Total implants

1.63 million

3-year implants

1.4 million

4-year implants


5-year implants


Tubal ligations and vasectomies


Mife/Miso combipacks

6.15 million




23.6 million

Manual Vacuum Aspirators (MVA) aspirators


MVA cannulae

2.2 million

Abortion services provided (in-clinic, telemedicine)


Other products

2022 Sales


7 million

Pregnancy test kits

3.8 million

Male enhancement supplements

3.3 million

Oral rehydration salts

2.5 million

Sildenafil (generic Viagra)

1.62 million

Feminine care products


HIV self-test kits


Lactation supplements


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