Volume 4, No.9 | September 2020
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Resource Sharing Spotlight
Strategic Foresight - Scenario Development
Strategic Foresight, is a decades old discipline that allows people and organizations to create functional views of alternative futures and possibilities. The ACLPD Resource Sharing Committee used the Strategic Foresight tool, Scenario Development to create a comprehensive document--the CT Vision for Resource Sharing. It is a framework of three possible resource sharing scenarios for CT libraries. The intent of the framework is to provide a vision of opportunity for the CT library community to understand the 3 possible scenarios for resource—Transformative (Best case of what could be)Market (What is, status quo) or Fortress (What worst case could be).
  • Scenarios are a visual dialogue of possible worlds for resource sharing.
  • Scenarios link emerging trends to the aspirational vision for resource sharing.
  1. Future of ownership
  2. Assets
  3. Libraries as community knowledge hubs
  4. Sustainability
  5. Collaboration
  6. Open resources
The Resource Sharing Committee is developing CT Vision for Resource Sharing Information Sessions for the fall to share scenarios for resource sharing. The following is a brief teaser from the Fortress Scenario:
Simply Cooperative Adaptation
In 2030, newly unemployed dad Manuel placed a video call to his nearest public library but learned they couldn’t help him much, as his family actually resides in a different town. Because of the tough economy, tight municipal and state finances, and elimination of borrowIT funds, many public libraries are no longer providing services to non-taxpayers. So he left his 15-year-old in charge of the other two kids and caught a driverless bus to his tiny home library still in its original 1920s building. He was greeted by an AI unit that interpreted his Ecuadorean accent and diagnosed his immediate information need, routing him down narrow aisles to a reference librarian, Echo. Coincidentally, Echo was the same librarian who had answered his video call at the other library yesterday. As an employee of the librarian cooperative, she works shifts for any member library that needs her. Echo cleverly learned about all of Manuel’s information needs and set up a plan of service for him. Since she had just taken a refresher workshop from DLD on all the new features of Second World, she easily helped Manuel create his avatar and loaned him a Second World console and headset. She also showed Manuel how to sign his kids on to the state Department of Education’s open access textbooks and learning games hosted on SimplyE.
Stay tuned for more information on upcoming CT Vision for Resource Sharing Information Sessions.
Service Spotlight
Summer Survey 2020
Summer is coming to an end and we would like to make sure that you’re prepared to submit your end of summer statistics.  
The data from the summer statistics is compiled and sent to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Funding from IMLS allows the state to purchase a subscription to  READsquared , a digital platform that allows participants to track their reading. Funding from IMLS also allows the state of Connecticut to purchase our membership to the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) who provide us with a yearly theme, graphics, incentive prizes, a manual full of book list, program ideas, displays, and   more .  
Only the libraries that complete the Summer Statistics form will gain access to material provided by CSLP.  The deadline for submitting summer statics is  Friday, October 2 by 4:00 pm . 
To access the form to submit your summer statistics, visit  
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at kymberlee.powe@ct.gov
Workshop Spotlight
Bilingual Storytime Basics: Strategies for Serving Linguistically Diverse Families
In this workshops, attendees will learn:

  • help staff understand how to design bilingual OR linguistically/culturally diverse storytimes, even if they do not speak the language of their target audience
  • guide staff through outreach strategies to overcome common barriers to library use that may be experienced by the families they hope to serve
  • expose staff to high-quality books, songs, and other resources to use in storytime 
  • empower staff to feel confident in their ability to serve linguistically diverse families in storytime

This workshop will take place over 2 days on Wednesday, September 16 and 25 from 10:00-1:00. You must be able to attend both days. ​Register here: https://cslib.libcal.com/event/6678918
Service Spotlight
Annual Report of Connecticut Public Libraries
Information on completing the 2020 Annual Report to the State Library was e-mailed to all public library directors in July. The Annual Report is critical for state and national data gathering on public libraries.
Libraries will again be using an Excel report form (an .xlsx file) which you will fill out and then send back to me. See the Annual Report webpage https://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/stats/annreport for:
  • A printable list of the questions on the report form
  • An instruction sheet
  • The report form itself (to download when you are ready to complete it)
The firm DEADLINE for submission is 4 P.M. on Monday, November 16, 2020. (When the usual deadline of November 15 falls on a weekend, the deadline is pushed to the next business day.) Public libraries are required by statute CGS Sec. 11-25 (a) to submit an Annual Report in order to receive borrowIT payments or other state appropriations. 
This year’s report has many new questions related to services during the COVID-19 pandemic, which were explained in webinars in May and June. You can view the recording from June 23 or review the presentation slides.
Additional webinars showing how to complete the report and addressing some common misconceptions are scheduled for September:

A recording of the July 16 webinar covering this same material is available online.
If you have questions, please contact Maria Bernier at maria.bernier@ct.gov.
Service Spotlight
eGO CT Update
Last month DLD added 185 Indie Author titles from Biblioboard to the SimplyE platform. These books have been curated by industry partners like Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, as well as library editorial boards from across North America. This collection features NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors, numerous award winners, as well as 2019 Indie Author of the Year Ran Walker’s award-winning book, Daykeeper. We also added 24 titles from Baker & Taylor and 29 titles from DPLA Exchange.
There are now 40 libraries that have rolled out SimplyE to their patrons. Interest in eGO program and the SimplyE app continues to grow.

Of the 191 public libraries in Connecticut, 143 are configured in the SimplyE app. CSL has purchased 3,519 new items so far this year to coincide with libraries going live in the SimplyE app and rolling it out to their patrons. A total of 25,272 items are now available to you in SimplyE from the Connecticut State Library and our partners. Interested libraries can join upon request by contacting Brad Bullis at bradley.bullis@ct.gov.

eGO CT is a project from the Connecticut State Library that includes acquiring digital content, such as eBooks and eAudio, and making it available to users statewide, primarily through the SimplyE app. 
Service Spotlight
Books Specifically for Librarians available in SimplyE

The titles listed below are accessible using the  SimplyE app . Check with your local library to see if they participate in the eGO Program.

For more new titles available through SimplyE visit: https://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/servicecenters/simplyE
Professional Development

Upcoming September Workshops

Coding, Equity, and Digital Learning Made Simple with Girls Who Code
September 9 from 1-2. Register here.

How to Complete the 2020 Public Library Annual Report
September 10 from 10-11. Register here.
September 29 from 2-3. Register here.

READsquared Wrapup Webinar
September 14 from 11-12. Register here.

LSTA Grant Information Session
September 15 from 10-11:30. Register here.

Bilingual Storytime Basics: Strategies for Serving Linguistically Diverse Families
Workshop split into two parts. Please register for both dates below.
September 16 from 10-1. Register here.
September 25 from 10-1. Register here.

Strategies for Budgets During the Time of COVID
September 22 from 1-2. Register here.

Decode and Disrupt: Reading Children's Books Critically
September 24 from 10-12. Register here.

View all workshops by visiting: https://cslib.libcal.com/

For more information on Professional Development and Continuing Education, please visit our libguide at: https://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/professional.

If you are looking for a particular type of training for yourself or staff, please contact Gail Hurley, Gail.Hurley@ct.gov or leave a message at 860-704-2223.
New Professional Collection Books
Contact Judy Crooks judy.crooks@ct.gov if you are interested in borrowing any of these titles.
For more new professional development titles at MLSC, visit: https://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/professional
Hours Reminder
MLSC Hours – September 2020
MLSC is open by appointment only, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, for the foreseeable future. 

MLSC staff, whether in the office or telecommuting, will be responding to voicemail and e-mail during business hours of 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, except for state holidays. 

Note: MLSC will be closed Monday, September 7 in observance of Labor Day