Volume 2, No.3 | March 2018
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Service Spotlight
Public Library Association (PLA) Virtual Conference

Not able to go to Philadelphia for PLA? No worries, DLD has you covered.

The Public Library Association will be holding a Virtual Conference Thursday and Friday, March 22nd and 23rd from 8:45 a.m. - 4 p.m. each day.

The Middletown Library Service Center (MLSC) is pleased to host a FREE group viewing on both of those days. 

There is no formal registration and drop-ins are welcome! (You can e-mail Stephen Cauffman ( stephen.cauffman@ct.gov ) to let him know that you will be dropping in so that we have enough chairs set up, but even that’s not required.)

For Thursday’s schedule, visit https://cslib.libcal.com/event/3995790
For Friday’s schedule, visit https://cslib.libcal.com/event/3995799

Hope to see you there!
Service Spotlight
This is just a reminder that February 2018 brings to a close the borrowIT CT reporting period for 2017-2018. Public libraries should be emailing in their completed report forms (an Excel file) for their March 2017 thru February 2018 non-resident loans. For more information on the report form, see:  http://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/ccard/report . The deadline for submissions will be March 16 at 4 P.M. Report submission is required in order to be reimbursed for non-resident loans. At the current time, borrowIT CT funding looks to be about 10% less than last year.
Thank you for your participation in the borrowIT CT program. Contact Tom.Newman@ct.gov with questions.
Service Spotlight
New LSTA Grant Categories

The CT State Library’s Division of Library Development is pleased to announce the availability of approximately $75,000 for LSTA grants in two categories:
1. One-year literacy grants will provide up to $7,500 to assist libraries with creating strategic, sustainable partnerships and lifelong learning programs that address the seven literacies in their communities. Applications are due April 9.
2. Planning grants will provide up to $5,000 to assist libraries with planning initiatives to explore new services, assess and address the needs of changing population and patron bases, develop partnerships and collaboration, or write new strategic plans or long-range master plans. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis six times per year.
More information, including the grant instructions and applications, is online at http://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/lstagrants/grantapplication
Information Sessions, required for all applicants, will be held at the Middletown Library Service Center and several locations around the state in March. Register for one near you at http://cslib.libcal.com/ .
Service Spotlight
E-rate Funding for Internet Service
If you’d like to cut costs on your library’s internet service from CEN or explore cost savings on non-fiber internet service from Granite Telecommunications, contact Maria Bernier, E-rate Coordinator, to learn how ( maria.bernier@ct.gov , 860-704-2204). Your library would need to be CIPA compliant, including filtering, to be eligible. Discounts range from 40%-90% .
E-rate Help Sessions
If you’d like some assistance filling out your E-rate Form 471 (due March 22) or would just like to talk about the possibilities of E-rate, attend one of the help sessions held at the Middletown Library Service Center and several locations around the state in March. Find the one nearest you at http://cslib.libcal.com/ .
Bring with you or have handy:
·          A laptop to access wifi
·          Your EPC username and password
·          Copy of your signed contract (pdf)
For more information, contact Maria Bernier, E-rate Coordinator ( maria.bernier@ct.gov , 860-704-2204) .
Service Spotlight
Virtual Reality Comes to DLD

Division of Library Development staff attended the Future's Conference in September where we were fortunate to hear a presentation from Cindy Ball, Program Manager, Oculus Education. She spoke about the possibilities with virtual reality technology that benefit education and learning. Cindy noted that "the Oculus mission is to enable people to experience anything, anywhere, with anyone." 

Libraries have always embraced new technologies to share with their communities, and some libraries are already offering some kind of virtual reality experience in their libraries with a variety of VR products. 

DLD purchased an Oculus Rift which is available for librarians to come test out at the Middletown Library Service Center (MLSC). DLD will be planning programming, workshops and developing experiences for CSL Museum Education Outreach. If you are planning to be at the MLSC and would like to try out the Oculus, please contact Gail Hurley  Gail Hurley@ct.gov  to schedule a demo.
Service Spotlight
Development Update
LYRASIS has developed successful Library Simplified circulation managers for LCI and Bibliomation, respectively. A test version of the SimplyE app for iOS now makes access to Ansonia Public Library (Bibliomation) and the Avon Free Public Library (LCI) OverDrive collection titles possible with 3 clicks (or taps) apiece. An Android version of the test app is under development.
A training webinar in the circulation manager and Feedbooks eBook acquisitions service took place on February 14 for Resource Advisory Task Force RBDigital selectors. The webinar was recorded and has been made available to those selectors who were unable to attend the February 14th session.
Workshop Spotlight
The Connecticut State Library and the YA Section of the Connecticut Library Association will jointly sponsor an all-day workshop on diversity in library teen and children's collections. The March 14 program at the Wallingford Public Library is for school and public library staff who work with children and teens. It is almost full, so don't delay registering!

Draft Agenda of Everyone Included : Talking About Diversity in Books for Children & Teens

10:00-10:15 - Coffee & Welcome
10:15-11:30 Anne Sibley O'Brien, author and team member at the Diverse Book Finder
11:45-12:30 - Panel of Authors, Editors, Publishers
12:30-1:15 - Lunch (sandwiches, salads, chips, dessert and drink)
1:51-2:00 - Panel of Connecticut Librarians
2:15-3:15 - Leslea Newman - Dump Trucks and Dresses and Dolls: Oh My! Smashing Gender
Stereotypes in Children’s Literature .
3:15-3:30 - Final Thoughts, Wrap up, and Book Signing
Professional Development
Professional Development – March

requestIT CT Training
In person workshop
Wednesday, March 7, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Groton Public Library, 52 Newtown Road, Groton, CT 06340
Cost: Free - provided your library will participate in requestIT CT
For details and to register, visit https://cslib.libcal.com/event/3998281

Facing the Future: Facilitating Climate Change Conversations at Your Library
In person workshop
Wednesday, March 21, 10 am to 3 pm
Middletown Library Service Center, 786 South Main St., Middletown, CT 06457
Cost: Free
For details and to register, visit https://cslib.libcal.com/event/3703284

Public Library Association - Virtual Conference (Group viewing at MLSC)
Thursday and Friday, March 22 and 23; 8:45 am to 4 pm each day
Middletown Library Service Center, 786 South Main St., Middletown, CT 06457
Cost: Free
For Thursday’s schedule, visit https://cslib.libcal.com/event/3995790
For Friday’s schedule, visit https://cslib.libcal.com/event/3995799
No formal registration, drop-ins are welcome!

For more professional development opportunities,
visit the Division of Library Development’s Continuing Education Calendar at
Hours Reminder
Reminder: MLSC Hours – March 2018

A reminder that in addition to 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, the Middletown Library Service Center’s hours for March will include:
Thursday, March 1: Open 8 am to 8 pm
Saturday, March 3: Open 9 am to 12 pm

Note: the MLSC will be closed March 30 in observance of Good Friday.

Contact us at 860-704-2200, our main phone number.
Contact Linda Williams ( Linda.Williams@ct.gov ) for specific theme/grade level requests.
Contact Grace Burchard ( grace.burchard@ct.gov ) to reserve book sets.
Contact Grace or Judy Crooks ( judy.crooks@ct.gov ) to pull general selections of children’s books or
Books on CD in advance of your visit.
DLD | CSL |860-757-6665 |  http://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/home