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Welcome to Summer
After many months of lock down we are so grateful to be in Phase II and anticipating the new freedoms Phase III will bring. Everyone at DM+H has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic safely.

Although Pride Month came and went without our usual colourful parades and celebrations, we want to encourage all of you to read Bill 1 as it has a potentially significant impact on all minority gatherings. Although this Bill has been passed, it has not received Royal Assent nor is there a date given as to when it will come into effect. This Act restricts many liberties and freedoms for all Albertans; liberties and freedoms that our ancestors fought to preserve in both World Wars. I am sure Premier Lougheed who passed our first Bill of Rights in Alberta would be ashamed to witness this legislation from the party that he once so ably led. Letters do make a difference, please write or email your MLA to voice your opposition to this Bill if you feel the same as we do at our firm.

Impinging people's rights to protest is a slippery slope that could result in legislation that discriminates against marginalized persons, our LGBTQ+ community, trade unions, and many Indigenous groups within Alberta.
Notable Recent Cases
Michael Ghert has been with DM+H for nearly 17 years. He recently had a successful case before the Alberta Court of Appeal dealing with mobility rights. You may have read about this case in the news. Michael's client was attempting to get her 4 and half year old child returned to Canada from Spain. The sole issue was determining the child's habitual place of residence. The proper interpretation of the Hague Convention is a question of law.
Most family law jurisprudence deals with local issues, within the province and Canada. But we live in a society that is global and mobile. People with different national origins and connections have children together. People relocate across international borders for personal and career reasons. Sometimes, a parent relocates with a child to another country (or stays with a child in another country) without the consent of the other parent...
DM+H is very excited to welcome Jonathan Griffith .
Jonathan is a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator. He is committed to crafting the best possible solution to his clients' problems.

Jonathan regularly publishes on select legal topics including "Attacking Arbitration Agreements"
"Crazy for Family Law" and "LGBTQ2+Literacy for Legal Practitioners". Jonathan is also a sought after TV and radio legal commentator. One of Jonathan's more recent cited cases is 2019 ABPC 209 (canLII)
Much fun was had at the Strategic Planning meeting held on the deck of Diane Harms. Social distancing rules applied, even though you can't tell from this angle.
Landmark QC
Patricia Sealy - First Black Woman QC in Alberta

Thank you to Pat for being a trailblazer in the legal profession and leading the way for other Black lawyers in the future who can now "see" themselves, not just in the profession, but its highest ranks. You are an exemplary role model for so many.
Patricia Sealy  utilizes the legal forum, her education and past work experience with families to assist her clients. She is patient and thoughtful when working with families to address parenting, support and property division issues in a manner that reflects their expressed concerns and desired   outcomes
The team at DM+H extend a hearty congratulations to Sherry Kachur of the Widdowson Kachur Firm, who was recently appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench. We know Sherry will bring a wealth of experience in family law to the Court; Members of the family law bar are looking forward to appearing before someone so well versed in family issues.
Lainie Chan is a very gifted woman. Sassy with a great sense of humour - Lainie speaks several languages including Mandarin and Cantonese. She specializes in family law is passionate about representing children in court and ADR. Lainie also practices real estate and also has a burgeoning wills and estates practice.
IV. Upcoming Events
Pat Daunais QC will be speaking at the Calgary Estate Planning Council in November on the Intersection of Family Law and Estates.

Patricia Sealy Q.C. will be co-presenting through ASSIST, a presentation for Foreign Trained Lawyers
Title: Etiquette for Carriage of a File : Court, Settlement Meetings & Client Management

Patricia Sealy Q.C. will be co-hosting as a member of the board of the Women in Law Leadership Awards, the virtual Awards evening to present the Stronger Together” Award to highlight the work of “unsung heroes” across Canada.

Patricia Sealy Q.C. will be presenting to the CBA subgroup Child Welfare and Representation of Children in 2021 on the revisions to the Divorce Act and what they mean for counsel who represent children.

V. We Recommend These Articles from our Team
Pat Daunais QC January, 2019 Wills and EPAs - Tricky Sticky Wills and Codicils

Pat Daunais QC May, 2019 Impact of Death on Separation and Divorce Proceedings
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