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October 2017  (No. 62)
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The Eyrie

The landscaping at The Eyrie is not quite complete, but we could not resist taking some photos during a recent visit. The orientation was determined by the wonderful views of Merrymeeting Bay, and the large, triple-glazed windows provide views and energy efficiency. Double-stud walls allow easy heating with heat pumps for the 750 sf main floor (with a 750 sf walk-out basement). Lighting design by Greg Day Lighting. Bachman Construction, builder.
Warren Mechanical

A very tired, one story brick building had been the headquarters for  Warren Mechanical  for many years. The warehouse was in two wood-framed sheds in the back. DMA designed a 5,500 sf warehouse and office addition, along with a renovation to the existing brick building. Warren Mechanical now enjoys an updated and modern office building with a large indoor storage space. Construction by Jim Keeley .
Views from the job site

Masonry will be completed at the Patriot Insurance Company headquarters in Yarmouth this week. Details such as the trim and the cornerstone are being installed, and the interior finishes are in process. Construction by Landry/French  going smoothly. 

Norway and Rallarvegan

To help celebrate friends' birthdays, David spent a week in Norway touring Oslo and bike-riding Rallarvegan.  We had spent time there 18 years ago, but David took it a step further with his epic bike ride along the  Hardangervidda Plateau which crosses the continental  divide and breath-taking scenery. He also kayaked around Aselund, a city designed in the art nouveau architectural style. His photo blog is here.

Jersey City, NJ

David dragged me to a soccer game in New Jersey last month. The game was bad (and it's not my thing anyway) as the USA lost a World Cup qualifier at home 0-2. However, we spent a fun weekend in NYC and stayed in Jersey City with a dear friend. We also visited one of David's earliest projects, a custom wrought iron fence that he designed and permitted in 1990 for his old apartment building.

Studio Theatre of Bath

There is a lot going on this month at Studio Theatre of Bath. The final weekend of The Fantasticks is October 6, 7 & 8 at the  Chocolate Church annex.  The show  is receiving terrific reviews, and it's a great way to support community theater. Tickets are available here for $12.  Also, later this month please join Studio Theatre of Bath for our Inauguaral Comedy Improv Night at the Bath Golf Club, 387 Whiskeag Road,  Saturday, Oct. 21st at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $10 and available at the door.
On the Drawing Board

We are working on color schemes for The Dunvegan, which is currently under construction in Bath. The tower has a base of stone, but, to save cost, the material changes to cedar shingles to give a similar textured appearance to stone. The remaining house has Boral clapboard siding with a strong Mahogonay front door.

Oslo Opera House_ Norway
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