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September 2020  (No. 97)
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9 Years as DMA!

September 1 marked the 9th year anniversary of David Matero Architecture. David had started his business with Greg Day as DayMatero Studio in April of 2008 (remember when 2008 was considered a lousy year?) providing lighting and architectural design. We have to thank our family and friends, colleagues, consultants, and especially, our clients for their trust in our services. 
The Boulders

Mid Century Updated, aptly now named the Boulders, has just finished landscaping and is waiting for the grass to grow. The interior has a few more items to finish up and then the owners can move in. The cottage flows down the hill, allowing one to gracefully manage the grade-change within the house. Construction by Chapman Construction.

Named after a special place in Ireland, excavation has begun for Clifden, a wonderfully modern house overlooking Winnegance Bay. The exterior will marry wood, metal and glass, and the bright interior will provide open living spaces, along with bedrooms and art and writing studios. Construction by Oceanside Builders.
Phase 1

Phase 1 of this 5 acre parcel along the Back River involves tree removal and a driveway to the cottage lot near the water and a future house lot. DMA managed the planning board and conditional use permits for this multi-phase project. We are currently designing the water-side, one-bedroom cottage. Construction by Chartier Building and Remodeling.
Chocolate Church Arts Center

The Chocolate Church Arts Center here in Bath is seeking submissions for its first ever CCAC Community Book Project .   Artistic creations of absolutely any format are sought for this project "which will serve as a testament to the creativity and resilience of our community."

DMA is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Chocolate Church Arts Center.
Site Visit

There are just a few interior items left For the Winn, sitting at the end of Birch Point. The sea wall has been completed, and some exterior steps are to be built. We will be back next year for final photos. Interior Design by Jeanne Handy Designs, construction by Frohmiller Construction

After a delay of months due to the Cornovirus pandemic, the MUBEC (Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code) board finally met with an official zoom meeting. Maine's energy code will finally be getting an update, its first since 2009. It establishes minimum energy and building code standards, and although DMA prides itself on providing much better than average energy design and details, our new housing stock in Maine will at least soon see upgrades and energy savings.

Georgetown Cape

Site work has been completed at the Georgetown Cape. All that remains are the plantings...coming soon. Once the landscape settles in we will come back and take photos (most likely next year).  In the meantime, the new owners will enjoy a quiet and warm winter in their energy efficient waterfront home! Construction by Chartier Building and Remodeling.

Beech Nut by Hans O. Heistad_ Beech Hill Preserve Rockport
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