2019 Fourth Quarter Newsletter
Gloria Holt, Editor
Gloria Holt, Editor
Greetings – it’s 2020!!
We are honored that you are on our Donald L. Mooney Enterprises (DME) team. We wish you and your family good health this coming year. A new year brings the promise of good health, good times, great job satisfaction, wonderful family relationships, great people to work with, and personal and professional growth. We have some control over these factors – be proactive and upbeat rather than passive and reactive. In other words, take the initiative in a positive, hands-on way. 
To quote Winston Churchill, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and “Making a Difference in People’s Lives Every Day.”
Employee of The
4th Quarter
Matt Flores
Matt Flores
Program Manager
Nurse's Etc. Staffing Employee of the
Fourth Quarter

We appreciate Matt for his hard work!
Employee of The Year
Nina Lowe
Nina Lowe
Employee of the Year!

Nina is lead recruiter for the Government Services team and does an outstanding job!
Bosses Day 2019

Ed Billman, Vice-President of Nurses Etc. Staffing and PrimaCore Solutions seen here proudly wearing a "World's Greatest Boss" button given to him by his employees in recognition of Bosses Day.

We have an amazing team of leaders in this company and recognize and appreciate them all for what they do throughout the year!
Eleasha Reimer, CFO
One Year Anniversary

We are so happy to have Eleasha at the helm of our Finance and HR Departments.

She has done an outstanding job over the past year and we look forward to many more to come.
In support of National Wear Pink Day and Breast Cancer Awareness our employees proudly wore pink to work!

Giving Back Through Mentoring

According to Communities In Schools of San Antonio, young adults that experience a gap in available opportunities but have a mentor are more likely to attend college 55% more of the time than those who do not have a mentor.

Donald L. Mooney Enterprises proudly participates in the Big Brothers Big Sisters workplace mentoring program for students from Roosevelt High School. Our employees that participate in this program find it very rewarding.
In Tech News

Each year, Las Vegas holds The Consumer Electronics Show where the world gather's to see the latest innovations and emerging technologies. The computer mouse was showcased at the 1967 show, the Apple watch was featured in 2017.

More than 175,000 people attend this convention each year with more than 4,000 exhibiting companies in 2019. The tech world is a buzz for the upcoming 2020 show which will be held January 7-10 There will be exhibitions on 5G and self-driving cars, just to name a few.
We have very generous employees here at DME.

Our employees donated several large bags full of new and gently used warm clothes that were then distributed by a local church group to the under served in our community.

We enjoy giving back to the community in many different ways throughout the year!
Corporate Halloween
Costume Contest
We have some very creative employees in our corporate office! They were competing for first, second and third place prizes. The winners were, first place, Jacob Gassett, (Gray hair man), Second place, Josh Rodriguez, (Woody) and third place, Tracy Low (Giant Pink Dinosaur). Each were given a gift card for their creativity and originality!
As a veteran owned company, we honor and appreciate all branches of the military for their service and sacrifices for our freedom!

Would you like for your computer to run better each day? Try restarting your computer each morning. Chase Ohm, Lead Software Engineer says that doing this will close out any programs that might be running in the background and help your computer run more efficiently throughout the day.
Santa's Workshop 2019
Each year, in December, the office at Donald L. Mooney Enterprises is transformed into Santa's Workshop for the employees children and grand children to enjoy.
Santa and Mrs. Claus greet them as they arrive. The traditional "sitting on Santa's lap" and giving him their Christmas wish list happens as the proud parents take photos. They are treated to pizza for dinner before they venture into Candyland where the candy is in abundance for them to bag and take home. They can also chose to decorate a sugar cookie using fun sprinkles and candy toppings. Next they venture into make a fun Christmas themed craft or play Bingo in the Frozen themed room for prizes. There is also a game room setup for the older children to enjoy paying video games on the big screen.
Everyone has a joyous time eating, creating and sharing in the fun!

Dinner, Dancing,
Door Prizes & Awards

DME employees and clients enjoyed a great time at Granberry Hills Event Center for our annual Christmas party, eating, dancing, door prizes and awards!

It's always great fun spending time with co-workers and clients, especially while celebrating the holiday season.
L-R Matt Flores, Gloria Holt, Kris Maneewat were nominated for Employee of the Quarter for 4th Quarter.
More Recognition
Fashion At It's Best
Pictured Left - Alfonso and Lisa Robalin model their Christmas Story ensembles. Right - Ina Steadman models her amazing musical note heels!
Are You Washing Your Hands Enough During
Flu Season?
Good hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent transmitting viruses and bacteria to other people. Are you washing your hands the most effective way and at the right times?

We can't see bacteria and viruses, but they linger everywhere. They can be spread to many people in a matter of a few minutes by shaking hands, using a keyboard and mouse that someone else has touched, by touching your face, especially your mouth, are all ways to unknowingly transmit germs.

Although it may seem obvious, you should wash your hands before eating or preparing food, after using the restroom, before touching your nose, eyes, or mouth.

The average person will touch their face three or four times an hour. Typically, you will touch your cell and/or office phone more often than that during the day. Your phone can be a mega source for germs, so it's important to clean it on a regular basis.

Hand washing 101 - wet the entire surface of your hands, rub your hands together including your palms. It is important to get between your fingers, the fingertips and under your fingernails because they harbor bacteria and are often overlooked. You should wash your hands for at least 15 seconds. Rinse and use a paper towel if possible, to dry your hands and use the same paper towel to turn off the faucet.

Don't forget to clean your TV remote at home and when you visit a hotel, most likely the hotel remotes aren't cleaned very often and may harbor bacteria. One suggestion is to place the hotel remote in a plastic bag while using it.
Interesting Facts

a. Pop Stoppers
b. Crown Corks
c. Steel Bottle Sealers

Answer: Crown Corks, invented by William Painter in 1892 in Baltimore.
Bananas Are Really A Berry!
Area Codes That Receive
The Most Robocalls!

 Dallas wins top honors for the highest number of robocalls in the US to their 214-area code with roughly 43 million unwanted calls in 2019. Dallas' 972 area code ranked at number 15. The top worst number of robocalls were in Texas. Out of the top 20 most affected area codes, nine of them were in Texas cities.

San Antonio's 210 area code came in second and 817 area code in Ft. Worth received an estimated 37 million unwanted phone calls which placed them at number three.

Spam calls have grown 108 percent in 2019 across the US.

Of all the unwanted calls in the US, 9.7 were robocalls, 32.6 percent were general spam, 22.6 percent were telemarketers and 28 percent were fraud.
Smart Scale Helps Prevent Falls
The Zibrio smart scale was developed by Katharine Forth, postdoctoral fellow at NASA when she created an algorithm to test the balance of astronauts.
Her focus changed when her 86-year-old grandmother lost her balance and fell down the stairs. It was hard for her to witness her previous active grandmother be reduced to using a walker and in a wheelchair after being hospitalized with a broken hip. Forth thought by quantifying someone's balance using her algorithm she could prevent falls like her grandmother had experienced. She felt it was hidden data about oneself that could be useful.
An individual just simply stands on the scale for one minute and the Zibrio app will score their balance on a scale of one to ten.
Dr. John Holcomb from UT Houston believes that this scale could be a game changer to help keep patients out of the ER.
The number one cause of patients being admitted to trauma centers across the US and around the world are falls.
Once you are aware of your risk, you can work with your doctor to decide what you need to do to prevent yourself from losing your balance.

The Zibrio smart scale was a 2020 honoree at the CES Innovation Awards.

It is currently being offered by pre-order only and is projected to be available around April of 2020.

Lesson: Be innovative and be open to changing the focus of your initial purpose should the opportunity arise to redirect that purpose.
Leave us a comment on our Facebook page if you have tried any of these delicious recipes and tell us if you liked them or not!

This sounds like an interesting combination don't you think?

Let us know if you try it!

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