2020 First Quarter Newsletter
Gloria Holt, Editor and Publisher
Gloria Holt, Editor
Greetings – All of us at DME hope this finds you and your families safe and healthy!! There are many challenges facing all of us these days. Several phrases have made their way into our everyday conversations such as “stay-at-home” / “social distancing” / “self-quarantine” / “safer at home” “shelter-in-place” / “self-isolation” and many more. Many of us are telecommuting due to various ordinances from the federal, state, county, and city authorities. 
DME also has many healthcare personnel and first responders out on the “front lines” literally risking their lives in order to keep others safe and healthy – we cannot thank them enough. Please remember:

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Be kind. Always.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and
“Making a Difference in People’s Lives Every Day.” 

Be safe!

Kevin Kline
President & COO
Andrew Mooney, VP of NURSES Etc STAFFING
Government Services
Welcomes Marcos Goyco!
These three employees started on the same day, same year!
Our Founder and CEO, Donald Mooney had a birthday in March. He loves cookies so we call him "cookie monster"!
Happy Anniversary Yesenia Lugo!
We appreciate your hard work in our Business Development Department and your laughter is contagious!
We have a great team of healthcare professionals working for our company!
You are all Super Heroes every day, however, this year, you are Extreme Super Heroes !!!

Thank for your willingness and dedication to care for the sick when the stakes are so very high! You all ROCK!
In Tech News

Top 10 Internet Safety Rules &
What NOT To Do Online

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This is not an endorsement of the source of this information

How To Find More Balance In Your Life!
If you’re finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and your personal life, you’re not alone.

Especially now that many are quarantined and working from home, the pressure may be compounded if you have family at home too!

You may be putting in extra hours and you may be taking business calls after hours. Let’s face it, most of us spend a majority of our time working....here's some tips to consider to make life more enjoyable!

Focus your time and attention on things that can bring more balance into your daily routine:

  • Being at home provides opportunities to schedule quality time with your family.
  • Use Zoom to visit with your friends so you stay in touch with them during this time of separation.
  • Get out and take a walk around your neighborhood. Walking or biking outside will provide fresh air and a new prospective and will help you recharge. Exercising will boost your energy level and your ability to concentrate.
  • Start your day by waking up earlier and use that time to be productive.
  • Drop activities that sap your time or energy and that don’t enhance your well-being.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Remember a little relaxation goes a long way.
  • Take a 10-15-minute break to recharge
  • Take a long warm bath using essential oils for more relaxation
  • Read a book or listen to your favorite music.
  • Get a good night's sleep.

Time is like currency; you should spend it wisely!
Interesting Facts & Trivia
Crystal Growing Science
5 Ways To Grow Crystals At Home
This would be a fun project for the entire family!
To celebrate its 30th birthday in 2010, Google placed a playable version of what arcade game on its homepage?

In adventure movies, the main characters often get distracted by a _________________.

  1. McDonald's
  2. McCoy
  3. Macaroon
  4. MacGuffin
Never heard of it? It is an object that serves as a plot device in fiction but is ultimately irrelevant. A storytelling technique that serves to further the plot.
Origin: Latin, Late 17th Century
Meaning: Spoken or done without preparation.
"I was surprised to be asked to give an extemporaneous speech at the wedding."
CliffsNotes are study guides that assist college and high school students in their literature course work. CliffsNotes began in 1958 as $1 reprints of Canadian study guides for 16 plays by Shakespeare. At that time, Hillegass worked for big distributor of college textbooks. He knew hundreds of college campus bookstore managers across the country. Those close relationships gave him a foot in the door for the Notes. Sales grew rapidly as high school students began to buy the slim yellow and black pamphlets. In early 1970s the company had created additional study aids--exam reviews, course outlines, law school materials, and test preparation kits for the SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT.
As the company expanded, Hillegass kept its headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. Each year he donated 10% of the pre-tax profits to local charities and civic organizations (which, on his death, received half of his estate). Most employees were lifetime Lincoln residents. After he sold the company in 1999, Hillegass endowed a chair in English at the University of Nebraska.
Clifton Hillegass graduated from Midland Lutheran College and then studied physics and geology for two years at the University of Nebraska. He later received four honorary degrees.
Things That Make You Go......Hmmmm?

The fact that Kansas and Arkansas are pronounced differently bothers me way more than it should!

Pronouncing words that end in 'ough'. Cough, bough, rough, dough, through, though.....

Is the "S" or "C" in scent silent?

Why does fridge have a "D" int it, but refrigerator doesn't?

Why are Zoey and Zoe pronounced the same but Joey and Joe aren't?

The word "queue" is just a Q followed by four silent letters?
Leave us a comment on our Facebook page if you have tried any of these delicious recipes and tell us if you liked them or not!
Low-Carb Zucchini "Pasta"
4 Ways
Romantic Three-Course Dinner
4 Easy Instant Pot Dinners
Keto Breakfast Sandwiches
Popcorn Snack Bars 4 Ways
Do you have a family favorite recipe that you would like to share with us?
Please submit them to gholt@dmooneyllc.com
Corporate Anniversaries

Donald Mooney
Gloria Holt
Liedy Harkness
Alfonso Robalin
John Walker
Marcos Goyco
Mercedes Cortez
Corporate Anniversaries

Yolanda McIntyre
Matthew Flores
Leanne Betancourt
Gilberto Gomez
Layla Hausner

Corporate Anniversaries

Joanne Bishop Stewart Lofton
Ed Billman
Yesenia Lugo
 Corporate Birthdays

Valerie Vazquez
Yesenia Lugo
Mercedes Cortez
Corporate Birthdays

David Beeson
Tracy Low
Corporate Birthdays

Donald Mooney
Narcissa Mooney Michael Brackens Eleasha Reimer
Gilberto Gomez
Andrea Martino
Frida Meza

Field Employee Birthdays

Monica Blackledge Charles Cheung
Erin Cottrill
Sharleigha Dickey Christopher Dimiceli Alejandra Dove
Suada Elmi
Andre Fallot
Anna Fedie
Mary Ferchak
Zasette Fernandez-Rodriguez
Gail Harris
Margaret Hart
Juan Hernandez
Kelly Hinh
Kelia Hughes
Leanna Kolar
Diann Moody
Stefanie Moon
Temitope Oguntimirin Esther Okeke
Petra Ong
Sammy Radcliff
Editha Sanchez
Claudia Sazo
Skye Sellman
Danielle Smith
Andrew Smith
Stephanie Stewart Bailey Suh
Monica Sustaita
Sherry Verzi
Natalia Vladinova Hannah Wilkinson
Field Employee Birthdays

Jordan Abney
Jacqueline Brooks Janice Cain
Joan Carrejo
Susan Cecrle
Misty Cochrane
Sandra Coutain
Marisa Flores
Justina Gonzales Jennifer Grant
Eric Harry
Janet Hill
Sarah Hoffman
Andrea James-Locke Jennifer King
Katrina Lowman Kamesha McCombs Guadalupe Mireles
Alice Ngoma
Esther Odoi
Mary Beth Powers Lantega Richardson Priscilla Rodriguez Clarita Sagun
Sabrina Schmid
Michael Service
Racheal Singletary Ronda Sutton
Beverly Vaughn
Patricia Wilson
Sanaz Ziad

Field Employee Birthdays

Sandra Barnes
Tracie Cline
April Cordero
Samantha Cortez
Janice Delk
Annie Felt
Alexandria Gardner Christine Guerrero
Tracy Hernandez
Kristine Ibanez Kadeshia Johnson Carolyn Kellogg
Erica Leflore
Pamela Pagaduan Caprice Perrin
Megan Schaefer Phudorji Sherpa
Sherrita Sherron
Amy Solsman
Courtney Stephens Deborah Sutton
San Juanita Valles Margaret Washington Xiao Dan Zeng

January Field
Employee Anniversaries

Earlene Nelms
Yuvette Humphrey Sherrie Ann Benson Lashelle Smith-Martin Rochelle Toliver
Shirelle Kunjufu Mercedes Calderon Alejandra Dove
Erica Thompson
Pamela Wright
Kimberly Cheng
Lin Li
Rebecca Fidellow Brandy Cooper
Charlotte Holloway-McNeal
Bridgett Perry
Crystal Guzman
Tamika Masters
Kelsey Guerrero
Belinda Myrick
Shelia Cassidy Stephanie Stewart Caroline Galante Michelle Klupp
Mary Beth Powers
Debra Foulkes
Amber Larsen
Shauna Wittke
Ruby Martinez
Kisena Seabrook
Olga Kalegina
Vicki Cherco
Mikaela Aguirre
Audris Williams
Danielle Smith
Haley Evatt
Misty Owens
Jeamil Hardin
Tonya Davis
Bailey Suh
Skye Sellman
Kira Amaya
Samit Patel
Michelle Beringer
Laura Lozano
Tia Mitchel
Jordana Goodstein Meecsha Harris
Frank Owens
Shannon Best
Xiao Dan Zeng
Sandary Carter
Argelia Hermosillo Carmen Pendarvis Dominic Ancona Rebekah Adams
Jordan Abney
Angela Stephenson Nymrae Madrio
February Field
Employee Anniversaries

Monica Zuniga
Marion Baldemor
Daniel Rose
Tanisha Davis
Lantega Richardson Norma Rivas
Rachel Brown
Christen Hesser
Theresa Buabeng Marcia Arnold
Monica Blackledge Sarah Salter
Jessica Wilkins Guadalupe Mireles Cyndializ Friedman Katherine Clancy
Edwina Derritt
Melissa Mercer
Kenyatta Miggins-Hall Katherine Woods
Anita Coleman
Katherine Simmons Nicole Palumbo
Salvador Olmos
Lashon Risper
Amy Gutierrez
Jacquelyn Howell Joncherrica Smith
Jessie Ledesma LaWanda Gillard
Debra North
Elizabeth Torres Katherine Williams Larkie Smith
Maria Pena-Almendarez
Jonathan Greer
Kara Pass
Teearra Ferguson

March Field Employee Anniversaries

Rachelle Corcoran Esperanza Balakit
Leola Stuart
Jeanne Wilkie
Petra Ong
Rosalie Valle
Mark Liegl
Jasmine Ellison
Pablo Frontaura
Leanna Kolar
Sylvia Youse
Kelly Carrillo
Rebecca Walden MaryVanessa Campos Kelbee Williams
Tracy Hernandez Temitope Oguntimirin Wanda Ramirez
Andrew Smith
Alton Anderson, Jr Michael Carrillo
Timothy Schwartz Brittany Smith
Patricia Wilson
Shanette Carter
Sheryl Righter
Dayna Ray
Halana Rideau Khadashia Strong Schwana Price
Matthew Lundh
Tommi Heim
Amy Karm
Constance Brawley Brent Garcia
Bridgette Kingsberry Molly Pedraza
Sasha Romano
Kerry Karl
Natalia Pierre- Louis Maria Garza
Margaret Hart
Kristine Ibanez
Abigail Pena
Hannah Wilkinson Amanda Adair
Cheryl Siebold
Tina Acosta
Tonie Tenorio-Lytle
Luis Perez
Valerie Bailey

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