2019 First Quarter Newsletter
Gloria Holt, Editor
Happy Spring! This is a beautiful time of the year! I love seeing the leaves in trees change, the flowers blossoming, birds building their nests and feeding their young. Spring is that time of the year for new growth, rebirth and hope for the future. I hope that so far in 2019 you are experiencing a spring in your step, as well as happiness and good health.

Our team is off to a great start, everyone is putting a spring in their step despite the 35-day government shut down. I am excited about our team. It’s sprinkled with youth and vigor and seasoned with maturity. The diversity of talent is amazing and again, exciting. The care factor of individual team members is off the charts! As is typical for this time of the year, our team is springing into action and positioning DME to do great things this year. I can see the growth in team leaders and team members throughout DME and how that growth and transformation is making a difference in our day to day business! We must continue to learn and master the tools of our trade, especially technology. Technology will help us to service our customers faster and better. That is why we exist!

Finally, this will be a one of-a-kind spring season, one of unlimited opportunity for those who move forward with a spring in their step!

A Message From Our President
Greetings from San Antonio, Texas! 

We are honored to have you as part of our Donald L. Mooney Enterprises (DME) TEAM. I hope this newsletter finds you and your family in good health. Spring is here and we are off to a good start – but much more to do in the coming months. What does “spring” symbolize? Themes of rebirth and renewal are often used to describe spring. Spring also refers to love, hope, youth, and growth. Whatever spring means to you – cherish your time and always remember we are all part of a TEAM – what we do or don’t do affects others. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Our DME TEAM is accomplishing great things by caring for others and putting the TEAM first. Many blessings to you and your families.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and “Making a Difference in People’s Lives Every Day.”

Kevin Kline, President
Donald L. Mooney Presented
The 2019 Thomas Holley Lifetime Business Achievement Award
Donald L. Mooney Enterpises, LLC received the 2019 Thomas L. Holley Lifetime Business Achievement Award from the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce.
Nina Lowe
Government Services Recruiter
Gerry Diaz
Government Services
Recruiting Manager
Eva Fausser
Government Services Recruiter
Hank Ramos
Government Services Recruiter
Yasmine Moubarake
Donald L. Mooney Enterprises
HR Generalist &
Corporate Recruiter
Valerie Vasquez
PrimaCore Solutions
Lead Recruiter
Jacob Gassett
Commercial Services Recruiter
Rebecca Martinez
Government Services Recruiter

Gilberto Gomez
Government Services
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Ina Steadman
Virtus Executive and Healthcaree Placement
Promise Cadena
PrimaCore Solutions San Antonio
Norma Guerrero
Branch Manager
PrimaCore Solutions

Isabel Macias
PrimaCore Solutions

Evelyn Reyes
PrimaCore Solutions
Recongnition is a big deal at DME!
Samantha Diaz, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant is welcomed to the team by Alfonso Robalin, Director of Human Resources. Samantha has fit in seemlessly with our team and is a great amabasador of first impressions!

Welcome aboard!
Josette Leija, NES Commercial Services Operations Manager, annonces Kesia Derry, CNA as Employee of the Month in January. Each month an employee is chosen to be recognized at our monthly corporate all hands meeting for their outstanding contributions and service to our clients. They are presented with a certificate and a gift card as a thank you for all that they do for NES.

Thank you Kesia, we appreciate you!
Eilaina Smith-Gregory was promoted to HR Assistant after starting as the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant and being with the company three months! Congratulatoins Eilaina!

We love giving back to the community! Pictured are Gloria Holt from DME and Melanie Jaregui with CASA holding a few of the donations that our generous employees contributed to CASA's Easter basket campaign.
Employees were greeted first thing in the morning on Valentine's Day with a cup filled with chocolate made especially for them and topped off with a heart balloon!

Pictured is Liedy Harkness modeling one of the cups.

Showing the love!

Challenge Question:

Have you ever solved the Rubik Cube?

If yes, how long did it take you to learn how to solve it?
How Long Did It Take The Inventor Of The Rubik Cube To Solve It The First Time?
The Rubik Cube was designed by Erno Rubik who studied sculpting and interior architecture. He had the idea to build a cube of interchangeable pieces. Initially he wanted to build a 2x2 cube but his final design was a 3x3 cube. He tested various designs, including a failed design with elastic bands to hold the pieces together. His final prototype pieces stay together because they fit with each other which solved the issue of structural design. It took him one month to finally solve the puzzle that he created. The popularity of the cube as a toy surprised him. He received a patent in 1977. He continued to design games and created the International Rubik Foundation to help talented young engineers and industrial designers.
Trivia Corner:

Who invented the high-five?

  1. Jonathan Smith
  2. Glenn Burke
  3. Magic Johnson

If you guessed, Glenn Burke, you are right. If you guessed, Magic Johnson, you may also be right. Glenn Burke is credited with spontaneously high-fiving a fellow outfielder, Dusty Baker after a home run in 1977. Magic Johnson has also suggested that he invented it at Michigan State in the late 70's.
As parents, we promise to keep our children safe from the day they were born. Parents can also make a difference when it comes to preventing the #1 reason for teen deaths in the US - car crashes.

Click the link below for the printable agreement.

Watch a short video about the pledge below!
Recipe Corner:

Click on the link for the recipe and a video! Delicious anytime!
Let us know on our facebook page if you tried any of these recipes and if you and your family liked them!
January Corporate Anniversaries

Donald Mooney
Gloria Holt
Liedy Harkness
Alfonso Robalin
John Walker
Samantha Dia z
February Corporate Anniversaries

Yolanda McIntyre
Matthew Flores
March Corporate Anniversaries

Joanne Bishop
Cindy Wingler
Daniel Riley
Gerry Diaz
Stewart Lofton
Ed Billman
January Corporate Birthdays

Valerie Vazquez
Mary Rios
Gerry Diaz
Keyona Edwards
Yesenia Lugo
February Corporate Birthdays

David Beeson
March Corporate Birthdays

Donald Mooney
Narcissa Mooney
Carolina Frias
Michael Brackens
Eva Fassauer
Karl Rooker
Eleasha Reimer
Gilberto Gomez
January Field Employee Birthdays

Leonetta Biddle
Monica Blackledge
Charles Cheung
Tammy Como
Christopher Dimiceli
Alejandra Dove
Jennifer Eby
Suada Elmi
Anna Fedie
Marilyn Foster
Curtis House
Kelia Hughes
Lolita James
Marcia Jones
Jenna Joppe
Leanna Kolar
Linda McDaniel
Deepika Nanda
Temitope Oguntimirin
Esther Okeke
Petra Ong
Gilisha Pascal
Alexandria Rueda Fitzpatrick Editha Sanchez
Claudia Sazo
Tracy Simmons
Todd Steel
Rachel Steigerwald
Stephanie Stewart
Erin Taylor
Tara Thomas
Hugh Williams
February Field Employee Birthdays

Erin Anderson
Deshara Bell
Gisele Blunt
Donisha Burton
Janice Cain
Joan Carrejo
Susan Cecrle
Misty Cochrane
Sandra Coutain
Ashley Dais
Ashley Davis
Romie Dimalanta
Jason Farley
Justina Gonzales
Joshua Gregoire
Tracy Hejmanowski
LaVerne Holmes
Andrea James-Locke
Jennifer King
Katrina Lowman
Thaddeus Mamienski
Sandra McNaughton
Guadalupe Mireles
Sasha Muniz
Alice Ngoma
Esther Odoi
Lantega Richardson
Clarita Sagun
Suzette Santos Velez
Tracy Scott
Justin Simpson
Racheal Singletary
Marva Singletary
Tuesdaye Smith
Kianna Snowden
Ronda Sutton
Kenneth Tolliver
Shelley Vasquez
Lisa Wallace Sanaz Ziad
March Field Employee Birthdays

Lady Aycock
Lori Bailes
James Besaw
Susana Cardenas
Leeann Castillo
Tracie Cline
Charlene Coleman
Samantha Cortez
Melissa Craig
Carolyn Garnes
Christine Guerrero
Saxona Hedgar
Tracy Hernandez
Laura Jackson
Kadeshia Johnson
Steffanie Johnson
Zainab Mansaray
Stephanie Maskill
Pamela Pagaduan
Jamie Pectol
Nia Pena
Stephanie Ramirez
Phudorji Sherpa
Sarah Sotelo-Barrera
Courtney Stephens
San Juanita Valles
Sara Warren
Margaret Washington
Erica Wilson
January Field Employee Anniversaries

Mercedes Calderon
Susana Cardenas
Linda Carroll
Shelia Cassidy
Kimberly Cheng
Brandy Cooper
Alejandra Dove
Jade Escamilla
Kimberly Ferguson
Rebecca Fidellow
Caroline Galante
Crystal Guzman
Bryan Hawkins
Charlotte Holloway-McNeal Yuvette Humphrey
Roy Johnson
Shirelle Kunjufu
Lin Li
Luis Lopez
Maria Loredo
Margaret Mann-Zeballos Stephanie Maskill
Tamika Masters
William Milhouse
Deepika Nanda
Earlene Nelms
Gilisha Pascal
Bridgett Perry
Angela Priester
Suneeta Rai
Bernadette Russell
Brittany Sessoms
Ty'rea Simmons
Lashelle Smith-Martin Stephanie Stewart
Tara Thomas
Erica Thompson
Rochelle Toliver
Lisa Wallace
Pamela Wright
We have been having a food truck visit the office one time per month! Everyone has enjoyed them so much that we are now trying to bring them in twice per month. In February we had Pho U visit. The food was a big hit so we will be having them back again!
February Field Employee Anniversaries

Vanessa Abdella
Shelby Acosta
Julia Adams
Luis Alonso
Marina Andrade
Dinin Armstrong
Marcia Arnold
Jossie Avalos Urena
Misti Aviles
Freda Baah
Lori Bailes
Sherry Bailey
Julius Baldaramos
Marion Baldemor
Jorge Balderas
Terri Balmos
Steven Barrett
Diego Barron
Isaiah Belardo
Monica Blackledge
Alyssa Blahnik
Latrecie Blane
Lacie Boucher
Jarvis Brantley
Michelle Brewer
Rachel Brown
Theresa Buabeng
Jesse Clay
Rebecca Cortez
Quenette Cravey
Tanisha Davis
Latesha Deleon
Jennifer Diaz
Marc Earl
Robert Flores
Robert Freeman
Cyndializ Friedman
Paula Garcia
Anna Garcia
Emmanuel Gomez
Adrian Gonzales
Miguel Gonzalez
Rickiesha Goode
Lamonte Gray
Genaro Guerrero
Geronimo Guerrero
Kelcey Hartsfield
Laniel Henderson
Richard Hernandez
Christen Hesser
Alvin Hilliard
Melinda Hoffman
Lamesha Holloway
Justice Hornsby
Eleazar Isais
Amber Jefferson
Jaime Jiminez
Lakeisha Jones
Angela Kim
Detran Kindred
Paul Kirkland
Carlton Larry
Jerry Ledet
Angel Lizcano
Kristin Lord-Gundersen
Julio Lujan 
February Field Employee Anniversaries Cont'd

Erica Magana
Finance Maintenance Mamdrena Majoro
Rickey Mann
Cristofer Martinez
Nicole Martinez
Norman McCarty
Derron Millington
Vanessa Miranda
Guadalupe Mireles
Raul Monroy
Billie Montemayor
Jenelle Morales
Jose Mundos
Regina Odom
William Orellana
Antwoin Parsons
Michael Perez
Craig Phipps
Geaneth Primo -Herzoy
Kaci Puckett
Pedro Reyes
Laura Reyes
Lantega Richardson
Norma Rivas
Jose Rivera
Eric Rivera
Brandin Roberts
Javier Rojo
Terrance Rose
Jonathan Salazar
Pedro Saldivar
Sarah Salter
Benito Sanchez
Kentrel Sears
Desiree Soliz
Anthony Sseremba
Kristopherr Taylor
Morris Thomas
David Urista
Deleon Vanegas
Artemio Vasquez
Fabian Villareal
Michelle Walker
Sara Warren
Kevin Washington
Letrease Wesley
Donna West
Jessica Wilkins
Hugh Williams
Samuel Willie
Meagan Wilson
Elisa Wilson-Sosa
Guy Workman
James Wright
Joe Little Zuniga
Monica Zuniga
March Field Employee Anniversaries

Phllip Aceves
Loren Adams
Angel Aguirre
Angel Alcala
Heather Alie
Frennanda Allen
Krystal Anderson
Erin Anderson
Alton Anderson, Jr
Veronica Andrade
Suzanne Andreasen
Anthony Andrews
Ruben Arrington
Esperanza Balakit
Patrick Barker
April Barry
Doreana Benn
Ahmed Bilal
Gisele Blunt
Byron Bolton
Wesley Brown
Alethea Brown
Clayton Buesse-Childeres Jackson Bush
MaryVanessa Campos
Maria Campos
Serenity Casarez(test) Gavrielle Cavazos
Angela Cline
Tarlene Cole
James Conley
Rachelle Corcoran
Antonio Crenshaw
Ashley Dais
Deana Daly
Kayla Davis
Kayla Davis
Kwanischa Day
Isaac Day III
Andrew DePratti
Millicent Devillier
Eniolaoluwa Egbeyemi
Jasmine Ellison
Teaonna Elzy
Candace Evans
Deborah Flores
Kris Ford
Ericka Foutch
Pablo Frontaura
Arletta Fryslie
Christian Fuentes
Victoria Gaines
Charlotte Gallardo
Tiffanie Gammon
Suzanne Garcia
Anguxanne Germany
Eliot Gomez
Claudia Gomez-Martinez
Maria Gonzales
Paul Gonzales
Antonio Gonzalez
Joshua Harshaw
Everett Hays
Lorraine Heninger
Tracy Hernandez
Frank Hightower
Royal Hill
Jermaine Hughes
Ekene Iheakanwa
Detron James
Amber Johnson
Bryant Johnson
Herbert Johnson
Emmett Jolley
Kim Khauv
Katherine Koehn-Tomlin Leanna Kolar 
March Field Employee Anniversaries Cont'd

Sarah Larson
Edmond Lewis
Mark Liegl
Kelly Lionbarger
Ruben Llamas
Denise Marshall
Cedric McCoo
Tangela McDaniel
Sandra McNaughton Anttrenalla Meadows
Marianne Merilan
Latasha Mitchell
River Mitchell
Nino Mitchell
Kyron Morris
Esperanza Munoz
Karen Murray
Michael Muzzarelli
Amber Nielson
Santana Nunez
Edward Oak
Melissa Oak
Temitope Oguntimirin
Petra Ong
Nirmala Pandey
Candi Patton
Nia Pena
Rocio Pena
Cody Pitts
Gordon Pope
Dezrick Powell
Tracy Pronstroller
Qualla Proutt
Leanne Putnam
Wanda Ramirez
Kristy Rickman
James Riley
Leticia Rineer
K'Wame Robinson
Nigil Rodriguez
Lorie Rodriguez
Pedro Rojas-Sanchez
Anthony Rowland
Deserie Ruiz
Jeremy Russell
Hector Salazar
Juan Sanchez
Irene Joy Sapp
Antonio Scarver
Melody Small
Erica Smith
Andrew Smith
Cleon Solomon
Sarah Sotelo-Barrera
Donta Spencer
LaChelle Stiles
Ashley Strid
Joshua Strothers
Duan Theodore
David Torres
Tap Truong
Elroy Tyler
Marisol Uribe
Maria Valdez
Moses Valencia
Rosalie Valle
Isis Valle De Rodriguez
Shelley Vasquez
Esmeralda Vasquez
Stephanie Vazquez
Calvin Vela
Timothy Ver Straten
Anna Villarreal
Rebecca Walden
Joseph Waller
David Ward
Joseph Ward
Jeanne Wilkie
Charlene Williams
Kelbee Williams
Kenneth Williams
Samuel Wilson
Sylvia Youse
Jermaine Zosa
Twelve Habits That May Be Ruining Your Sleep Quality
Per Reader's Digest

Finish your work early in the evening so that your mind can "turn off" before bedtime.

Don't try to catch up on sleep over the weekend! You can make up for some loss of sleep but you could mess up your sleep cycle.

Consider not checking your social media accounts before bed. The light that your device emits could disrupt the signal to your brain that it is time to sleep.

Reading a book or watching TV could also keep your body from realizing that it is time to sleep.

Brushing your teeth could give you a second wind from the activity alone and the minty toothpaste could also energize you.

Don't turn the heat up before bed. Experts recommend that you have your bedroom around 65 degrees to signal your body that it is time to sleep.

Resist the temptation to wear cozy warm pajamas to bed. It is better to stay warm with bedding so you can take it off if you get too warm in the middle of the night.

Address any pain without the use of medication, it can affect the quality of your sleep.

Time your workout right. It is best to workout in the mornings or afternoons because the endorphins may keep you awake if you workout to late in the day.

Drinking caffienated drinks late in the day could keep you awake. Cut the caffien at lunchtime to be safe.

Pass on the glass of wine just before bed, it can affect the quality of your sleep.

Late-night eating could lead to weight gain. If you are hungry, try eating cereal or a handful of nuts to stave off the hunger pangs.