2019 Second Quarter Newsletter
Gloria Holt, Editor
Our Company Core Values Are Essential

Our core values are important and crucial in creating a lasting business. They embody our mutual obligation to the moral and proper principles we believe are vital to our business reputation and progress.

While progress and revenue are important to our business longevity, our shared existence as a company is also a foundation for the well-being of our employees, families, and community. We have thrived due to our vision to make sure all facets of our business are directed by our company core beliefs that included a sense of purpose beyond making money and an obligation not only to the end-result, but the way those results were accomplished. 

First and foremost, values do not drive the business; they drive the people within the business. We need our core values to be adopted by everyone in the company to have meaning. 

Donald L. Mooney Enterprises Core Focus: “Making a difference in people's lives every day.” That is why we do what we do.

I hope everyone has a productive, safe and enjoyable summer!

Donald L. Mooney

A Message From Our President

 Hello again from San Antonio, Texas! 

We are honored to have you as part of our Donald L. Mooney Enterprises (DME) TEAM. I hope this newsletter finds you and your family in good health. Many blessings to you and your families.

Summer is here - during this time of the year, all of us travel and engage in many outdoor activities. Please remember - SAFETY FIRST! Don’t drink or text while driving, wear seatbelts, and don’t leave children or pets in the car. Enjoy the great outdoors, but always be safe and look out for each other. 

Also, during this time of the year, people tend to relocate. If you are a current employee, please check with your Program Manger to see if we have work for you at your new location. We would be honored to have you stay with us.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and “Making a Difference in People’s Lives Every Day.”

Kevin Kline, President

Dianne Peterson
Credentialing Manager
Government Services
Davidson Julot
Government Services
Gerald Magny
Government Services
Layla Hausner
Government Services
Tracy Low
Government Services

Recognition is a big deal at DME!
Lauren Huntsman (left) and Matt Flores (right) presented Silke Jones, CNA with the Employee of the Quarter award! Silke has worked with NES for 10 years at SAMMC
Matt Flores and Lauren Huntsman visits with Mamie McGowan at Ft. Sam Houston to wish her a happy birthday!
Kudos were written on each of these employees for going above and beyond their normal work duties! We have such a great team! Teamwork makes the dream work! (L to R)
Yolanda McIntyre, Rebecca Martinez, Frances Rios, Kris Maneewat, Gerald Magny, Nina Lowe, Michael Thomas and Errica Bennett.
Josette Leija, Director of Operations for NES Commercial celebrated her one year anniversary in April! Congratulations Josette, we are glad you are here!
Each month, we recognize an Employee of The Month. Pictured is Ria Clipson, Staffing Coordinator for NES. Ria holds the certificate recognizing Elsa Chavez, LVN who was named April's Employee of The Month. Elsa was working so she wasn't present to receive her certificate and gift card; however, it was delivered to her at a later date. Thank you Elsa for being a dedicated employee!
2019 Nurse's Week
Custom NES logo socks were delivered to our nurses during Nurse's week to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to us, their patients and our clients!
Pictured are just a few of our awesome employees!

Thank you all!
We love our healthcare professionals!
2019 CNA Week

Our CNAs were given custom NES logo socks during CNA week. Our NES Commercial team visited them at their work location to show our appreciation for all that they do each and every day!
Thank you!
F i e s t a Time in San Antonio!
We celebrated with a food truck here at the corporate office. Tables were set up and festively decorated by the HR team so that we could enjoy lunch outside. Photo props were provided for photo opportunities on the fly! Yolanda McIntyre, Benefits Manager and Leanne Betancourt, Accounting Contract Coordinator ham it up (top left) Yolanda and Yasmine Gresham, HR Generalist (bottom right) posed for the camera.
Things You Might Want To Know
Allergies Bothering You?
Reports say that 2019 is going to be a severe year for allergies. The term "pollenpocalypse" has been used due to the high pollen count seen across the nation. Statistics say that in 2000, pollen counts were at 8,455 grains per cubic meter, by 2040, that number is projected to be well over 20,000! Click on the link below for tips on how best to deal with allergies.

About 85% of people are allergic to poisin ivy. If you are one of them, avoid getting an irritating rash this summer by knowing how to recognize it. The resin in the plant's sap causes an itchy rash for humans once they have come in contact with it. Even though the popular saying of "leaves of three, let it be" is mostly true, poison ivy can take on different appearances that vary by season or the plant. Touching this plant will result in your skin swelling, itching and could possibly cause blisters on your skin. There are numerous home remedies found here.
Are you receiving annoying robo calls on your cell phone? Check out this article to find out what you may can do to end the calls.
10 Things That May Be Shortening The Life of Your Phone
  1. Using Vibrations for notifications
  2. Keeping apps open that you aren't using
  3. Allowing unnecessary permissions
  4. Snapchat, Google Maps, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook are known to use excessive battery.
  5. Not using adaptive brightness. Using it will adjust your screen to match your environment
  6. Exposing your phone to extreme heat or cold
  7. Keeping your phone under your pillow at night causes heat build up
  8. Keeping your phone plugged in when it is fully charged will damage the battery
  9. It is better to not fully charge lithium-ion batteries to eleimiate high voltage stressess to the battery
  10. Not keeping your software up to date
Triva Corner

What kind of person will never be honored on a US Postal Stamp?

  1. A Dead Person
  2. An Actor
  3. A Live Person

If you guessed, "A Live Person" you are correct, according to the US Postal Service and the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Commitee.

How much does the Eiffel Tower "grow" in the summer heat?

  1. One Inch
  2. Three Inches
  3. Six Inches

If you guessed six inches, you are smarter than a fifth grader! The heat causes the metal of the Eiffel Tower to expand an estimated six inches during the summer; therefore, it can be as much as six inches taller during the hotter months.

What invention was almost stolen from a female inventor and patented by someone else?

  1. Paper Bag
  2. Liquid Paper
  3. Hair Brush

Margaret E. Knight received a patent in 1871 after taking Charles Annan to court to prove that she was the one that designed the machine to make square bottom paper bags.
Makers of Brilliant Things
Watch a short video about this amazing invention that is shedding light around the world!

Wike Salamander -
The bike that operates as a standard Dutch-style cargo bicycle or a double child stroller and transitions between the two instantly and without effort.

Have You Swapped Cigarettes For Vaping?

Let us know on our facebook page if you tried any of these recipes and if you and your family liked them!
April Corporate Anniversaries

Josette Leija
Marc Rhoten
May Corporate Anniversaries
Jennifer Avila
Michael Brackens
Promise Cadena
Isabel Hernandez-Macias
Davidson Julot
Nina Lowe

June Corporate Anniversaries
Kevin Kline
Hillary Robertson
Ina Steadman
Valerie Vazquez
April Corporate Birthdays

Alfonso Robalin
May Corporate Birthdays

Liedy Harkness
Gloria Holt
Kevin Kline
Stewart Lofton
Catelyn O'Beirne
Eilaina Smith-Gregory
Sandi Ward
June Corporate Birthdays

Jennifer Avila
Ria Clipson
Layla Hausner
Isabel Hernandez-Macias
Rebecca Martinez
Robert Scott
Michael Thomas
April Field Employee Birthdays

Heather Alie
Marcia Arnold
Malvia Bailey
April Barry
Chris Cardona
Kimberly Cheng
Lisa Felty
Tanjanika Ford
Crystal Guzman
Lorraine Heninger
Irma Hernandez
William Herron
Shawanna Jean-Paul
Kim Khauv
Aaron Kilroy
Shirelle Kunjufu
Sarah Larson
Stacy Latack
Sarah Lawrence
Kelly Lionbarger
Luis Lopez
Erica Magana
Fatmata Marah
Toby Martinez
Shauntay McDowell
Mamie McGowan
Phyllis Mihalic
Harsh Nanda
Lilian Ndukauba
Trina Olvera
Dawn Reid
Crissy Richter
Jadaria Rigg
Pedro Soares
Carissa Swindell
Gina Talandron
Test Tester
Darnelle Toure
Amanda Villamor
Jermaine Zosa
May Field Employee Birthdays

Antoinette Allen
Kenatta Bethea
John Bunaisky
Deana Butler
MaryVanessa Campos
Linda Carroll
Tiffany Cherry
Mary Commodore
Deana Daly
Lynn Davis
Leticia Dominguez
Darius Evans
Joseph Flores
Caroline Galante
Charlotte Gallardo
Melva Garza
Shenell Graham
Sonia Herrera
Yuvette Humphrey
Lin Li
Linda Martinez
Gordon Pope
Adam Ramirez
Ty'rea Simmons
Anita Soares
Allie Timbo
Jeff Van Schaack
June Field Employee Birthdays

Jason Arbues
Carrie Ashley
Gillian Claveria-Ooms
Natasha Dykes-Ford
Jade Escamilla
Lynden Faria
Kathryn Harinandan
Tracy Higdon
Stephanie Lopez
Shenita McCrary
Jesalyn Moore
Tad Nickerson
Andrea Rahn
Tricia Robinson
Aloysius Tanyi
Samantha Tolbert
Angelica Trejo
Paula Waslicki
Janel Wheatley
Everette Williams
Samantha Williams
Sylvia Youse

April Field Employee Anniversaries

Eunice Appiah
James Besaw
Christopher Dimiceli
Teresa Espinoza
Lisa Felty
SaBorra Fields
David Goldsborough
Patricia Gore
Sonia Herrera
Michele Jorstad
Sarah Lawrence
Isabel Lopez
Maria MacDowell
Mamie McGowan
Marc Mendoza
Sally Moreno
Kimberly Murphy
Alice Mussari
Fanny Novak
Ashlynn O'neal
Esther Okeke
Frank Percy
Megan Schaefer
Jahnay Smith
Olayinka Strasser-King
Gina Talandron
Janel Wheatley
May Field Employee Anniversaries

Jennifer Antinucci
Evangelina Aparicio
Lady Aycock
Catherine Benson
Shawn Boggs
Deana Butler
Tracie Cline
Cora Fontelroy
Melva Garza
Kimberly Holmes-Horton Eddeta Jones
Mayra Martinez
Evangeline Olbrantz
Ernestina Orndorff
Shane Ott
Shalem Prince
Precious Reeves
Isaac Sena
Nathaniel Smith
Della Stukes
Elizabeth Tchouyomgo
Allie Timbo
Anthony Trujillo
San Juanita Valles
Celia Woolsey
Teairra Young

June Field Employee Anniversaries

Askale Ashenafi
Benjamin Clark
Misty Cochrane
Dillon Cross
Steven Gerak
Ashley Guerra
William Herron
Justice Hunter
Jerry Little
Stephanie Lopez
Toby Martinez
Melissa Matthews
Mary Roberts
Andrea Sanchez
Pedro Soares
. Beverly Vaughn
LaDonna Wellman
Ebony White - Wilder

Twelve Habits That May Be Ruining Your Sleep Quality
Per Reader's Digest

Finish your work early in the evening so that your mind can "turn off" before bedtime.

Don't try to catch up on sleep over the weekend! You can make up for some loss of sleep but you could mess up your sleep cycle.

Consider not checking your social media accounts before bed. The light that your device emits could disrupt the signal to your brain that it is time to sleep.

Reading a book or watching TV could also keep your body from realizing that it is time to sleep.

Brushing your teeth could give you a second wind from the activity alone and the minty toothpaste could also energize you.

Don't turn the heat up before bed. Experts recommend that you have your bedroom around 65 degrees to signal your body that it is time to sleep.

Resist the temptation to wear cozy warm pajamas to bed. It is better to stay warm with bedding so you can take it off if you get too warm in the middle of the night.

Address any pain without the use of medication, it can affect the quality of your sleep.

Time your workout right. It is best to workout in the mornings or afternoons because the endorphins may keep you awake if you workout to late in the day.

Drinking caffienated drinks late in the day could keep you awake. Cut the caffien at lunchtime to be safe.

Pass on the glass of wine just before bed, it can affect the quality of your sleep.

Late-night eating could lead to weight gain. If you are hungry, try eating cereal or a handful of nuts to stave off the hunger pangs.