DMS Benefits That'll Have You Saying, "Wow, I Need One!"
Signs are everywhere. We know them as the often helpful (sometimes annoying) reminders that tell you when to stop, what street you're on, to buckle your seatbelt, and to slow down. As helpful as these notifications are, signs are becoming so much more. 

This month we're focusing on dynamic message signs and how they make viewing and maintaining signs better than ever.

All Clear From Here
All be it, dynamic message signs - including variable message, blank out, and lane control signs - have been around for quite some time, advanced technology can now make images appear more lifelike than ever by delivering a vivid, brilliant display that reveals even greater detail. To achieve this crisp messaging, signs must be equipped with full-color, as well as exceptional contrast.  

Full-Color Display
No longer restricted to amber-lit messaging, signs now offer a full-color display. The use of color allows for greater flexibility in messaging, a more impactful sign, and enhanced city beautification. Honestly, the first time we saw a full-color sign we couldn't believe our eyes. 

Check out the signs below using world-renowned SWARCO technology... and no, these images have not been altered in any way.

Superior Contrast
Signs are hands-down the best way to communicate with drivers, but if drivers are not able to read the sign, what's the point? Thanks to advanced LED technology, dynamic message signs have superior contrast, eliminating color wash and fading. The end result is a sign that remains visible and true to color even as angularity and lighting changes.
Driving Costs Down
Would you believe us if we told you that running a full-color dynamic message sign costs only a fraction of what your existing signs cost? Well, thanks to  the use of precision optic technology, d ynamic message signs are able to run on drastically less power. This technology creates angled and more focused light that can be driven at 3-14% of their capacity, therefore greatly reducing the power required to operate the sign.

Best of all, precision optic technology eliminates the need for a front screen. This intuitive design change removes the potential of fogging and condensation build-up, therefore eliminating the need for heaters and fans. This change greatly increases overall visibility, while dramatically cutting operational costs. Not only are you getting a crisp message with the most advanced technology you're also saving on power and operational costs, that's a win-win in our book.
Set It and Forget It
In addition to low operating costs, advanced dynamic message signs reduce the overall maintenance cost. "How?" you ask. Simply put, the "hotter" parts run the quicker the product and/or component reaches failure. Since advanced signs are running at far below their power capacity these signs and components fail less, we're talking 15+ years between failures less! Fewer part failures mean less maintenance costs. And let's face it, no one really wants sitting in a boom lift to be part of their regular recurring activities! 

With these key benefits in mind you're sure to find the sign that perfectly suits your needs. If you need help, we're only ever an email  away.
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