DMSO Restores Vision

Did you know DMSO can restore vision?


Ten years ago, while renewing my drivers license, I failed my vision test without glasses. That meant I had a restriction on my license requiring I wear them while driving. My eye doctor advised me that wearing glasses actually makes your vision worse, as your eyes grow to depend on them.


So I wore them at night to see more clearly, but took a chance of getting a ticket by not wearing them while driving during the day. I got away with that for ten years.


For the past six months I've been putting DMSO/Aloe Vera Gel drops in my eyes several times daily with the hope of improving my vision, as many studies have suggested. I'm turning seventy in a few weeks and had to renew my license again. I passed the vision test and was able to remove the restriction from my license!


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In this interactive course, you'll learn more about the incredible pain relieving and healing applications DMSO as well as how to use a variety of medicinal herbs to make teas, tinctures, creams, powders, compresses and other natural preparations. 

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Summer Herbal Home Spa

In this fun interactive workshop, you will learn to make:

  • natural sun block and after-sun cream
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  • oils for your face, hair, and massage

You'll also learn about the difference between SPF and UPF, sun protective clothing, how to use rejuvenating herbs and cooling teas to make your body healthy from the inside out and the outside in, how protect your skin and repair it from sun damage and skin cancer, and experience fun holistic facials.


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Self-Heal Balm
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Self-Heal Balm is an All Natural, Organic, DMSO Cream and Topical Pain Reliever, which also assists in the repair of soft tissue injuries.

The synergy created by the combination of DMSO, castor oil and other fixed and essential oils, with a special blend of healing herbs, puts Self-Heal Balm in a Topical Pain Reliever/Reparative class all its own.





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