Dealertrack Roll-out 8/27 - 10/14
The DMV Partner project is continuing with minimal disruptions for dealers using the Dealertrack RTS system. Dealertrack chose to have a shortened pilot period with a measured roll-out. Their pilot started on August 27th and dealers have been going-live in batches every Tuesday since then. WATDA's T-REG program transitioned to Dealertrack/Partner with very few issues.
CVR Roll-out 9/17/19
CVR elected to have a longer pilot period with a single roll-out date. The roll-out for all CVR dealers was September 17th. To prepare for the transition CVR instructed dealers to stop processing at the end of the day September 11th. Some dealers have completed the transition with few issues. Many are still unable to process. A CVR representative told WATDA that many of the issues have to do with the way the dealership is set up in Partner versus in CVR.

If you're having trouble processing using CVR, here are some steps to try before attempting to call either CVR or DMV:
  • Verify that your organization is set up in Partner
  • Verify that your organization's legal name is exactly the same in Partner as it is in CVR
  • Verify that all of your users have WAMS IDs
  • Verify that all of your users have been assigned roles in all of the organizations for which they will be processing
  • Verify that all of your users have passed their assigned test

If all of those steps have been met, contact CVR's customer service. If you find discrepancies between your organization's name in Partner versus CVR contact whichever entity has the name as anything other than your dealership's legal name and request to get it corrected.

In the meantime, CVR has instructed their dealers to send transactions to the DMV for manual processing, paying the additional $65 manual processing fee and penalty. WATDA does not recommend sending transactions for manual processing; rather, consider using WATDA T-REG.
WATDA's Title Processing Program - T-REG
If you need transactions processed before your CVR system is running, consider using WATDA's title processing program. The program works similarly to manual processing with DMV but costs substantially less -- $26.50/transaction. For more information on WATDA's title processing program, click here.
Inquiries Under Partner
WATDA has received several calls about the way inquiries work under Partner. Prior to Partner, VIN inquiries would provide both vehicle and owner information. As part of the Partner program standards, DMV required all processing systems to comply with existing Wisconsin law. Current law prohibits the state from providing personal information without an identifier. In short, you have to have customers' social security numbers or drivers license numbers in order to see if they own a vehicle.

Under Partner:

  • Input VIN or plate - receive vehicle information and lienholder
  • Input VIN & Identifier - receive vehicle information, lienholder and the names for all of the people for whom you provided an identifier

CVR - if there are additional owners, the system will return a message stating that there may be additional owners.

Dealertrack - If there are additional owners, the system will return a message stating that there are additional owners along with the conjunction (and/or). This result will inform dealers as to whether additional signatures will be necessary to accept a vehicle.
Dealertrack - WATDA's Endorsed Title & Registration Processing System
Your WATDA has worked closely with Dealertrack over the past year. Through Dealertrack's hard work and significant investment, they've shown themselves to be an excellent partner for Wisconsin dealers. If your dealership is considering changing title and registration systems, Dealertrack delivers products and service that are second to none. Contact Jerrod Wertz for a demonstration or more information.
Jerrod Wertz, Regional Sales Manager at (262) 239-9078
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