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STACS DNA delivers the only sample tracking and lab management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs dramatically increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff.  The FBI , RCMP , U.S. Army and DNA labs of all sizes rely on STACS DNA. 
Why are we called STACS DNA?
"Sample Tracking and Control Software" for DNA Labs" ... 
What we do is in our name!

June 2017

STACS DNA Gives Forensic
DNA Labs Complimentary Customization with STACS® Dollars


STACS Dollars helps every lab get exactly what they need

Forensic DNA labs using STACS® software are automatically awarded free STACS Dollars that can be used towards customization services each year.

While STACS is highly configurable so that it can be used out-of-the-box, some labs have unique requirements. STACS Dollars help them to budget for customization. Customers using either STACS-CW for casework labs or STACS-DB for database labs - or both - receive STACS Dollars valued at 10% of annual support and maintenance fees.

"Some software companies expect customers to take it or leave it. That is not STACS DNA's philosophy," says Jocelyn Tremblay, President and COO of STACS DNA. "We are a full service company that strives for customer satisfaction. STACS Dollars helps our clients get exactly what they need."

Not only does STACS DNA strive for complete satisfaction from every customer - all customers receive all product enhancements, creating a win-win for the entire STACS community.

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You can require that plate bar codes are scanned to complete a process.

Tell me more!

STACS-DB has a Supervisor Configuration setting that allows you to force users to scan a plate's bar code to complete the process. This means an incorrect plate cannot be selected accidentally, which keeps the processing documentation accurate.

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In the News - United States

Investigators compared forensic evidence from the victims to law enforcement databases to identify likely relatives of the person who may have committed the crime.

Indiana: Governor signs bills that help law enforcement build cases
New law requires every person arrested for a felony to submit a DNA sample.

Michigan: Kalamazoo County adds two investigators for unsolved rape cases
A statewide program began after officials found more than 1,800 untested rape kits in several counties, including nearly 200 in Kalamazoo County.

Mississippi: In his DNA: Shepherd plays key role in cold case arrest
Forensic scientist Austin Shephard explains DNA's role as evidence.

Texas: Texas to implement rape kit reform law-including tracking of tests
Texas is the first state to pass a law that would establish a wide array of rape kit reforms-including mandatory testing, an annual statewide audit and a tracking system for both law enforcement and victims to track results.

Texas: APD creates team dedicated to clearing rape kit backlog
Austin PD mobilizes to eliminate more than 3,000 DNA kits waiting to be tested.

Vermont: New law strengthens domestic, sexual violence response system
Law bolsters Vermont's sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) program, housed at the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence in Montpelier.

Virginia: 44 hits found in DNA testing of backlogged rape evidence
DNA testing in 431 cases of collected but previously untested biological evidence recovered in Virginia rape cases has resulted in 44 DNA database hits.

Wisconsin: State says it will do DNA tests on 274 Green Bay rape kits
Rape kits are being sent to the lab from the inventory of more than 6,000 packages of untested evidence.
In the News - International

Canada: Motherisk scandal prompts review of Ontario's forensic labs
The province "will be moving forward on mandatory accreditation" for Ontario forensic labs, in the wake of the Motherisk scandal.

China: China's DNA collection is 'Orwellian,' reports say
In China, the government has simply forged ahead in building what is apparently the most massive genetic database in the world.

Kuwait: DNA testing is back
A new law is being proposed following the shelving of the one to DNA test all citizens and expats.
Articles of Interest
The shifting science of DNA in the courtroom
After 30 years, DNA is still the gold standard in forensics

Mariska Hargitay Testifies In U.S. Congress On National Rape Kit Backlog
Director, producer, Emmy-award winning actress and president of the Joyful Heart Foundation, Mariska Hargitay testified on Capitol Hill before the new Task Force to End Sexual Violence about the national rape kit backlog.
Watch it here.