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STACS DNA delivers the only sample tracking and lab management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs dramatically increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff.  The FBI , RCMP , U.S. Army and DNA labs of all sizes rely on STACS DNA. 
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"Sample Tracking and Control Software" for DNA Labs" ... 
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May 2017

Italian murder case wins 2017 DNA database hit of the year award

New international award brings attention to the value of using criminal offender DNA database to solve crime and bring closure to victims and families

Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH-GA) has awarded the inaugural DNA Database Hit of the Year award to the Italian Carabinieri and Polizia di Stato for its dedicated work on the Yara Gambirasio murder case. The winning case was selected from 50 cases submitted by 15 countries, and was chosen by a panel of seven international judges with career backgrounds in forensic DNA. The award was announced during the annual Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) Conference held in Vienna, Austria.

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With STACS-CW, you can now calculate consumable volumes by injection at CE Setup.

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Through the CE scenario you can configure STACS-CW to calculate consumable volumes by injection. Simply select the Calculate by Injection checkbox on your CE scenario and define the number of wells per injection for the instrument. STACS-CW will do the rest! On CE Setup STACS will now calculate your consumable volumes required for each injection instead of per sample.

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In the News - United States

Fewer than half of states responded to request for policies on processing kits, with disturbing inconsistencies in the data actually released.

National Commission on Forensic Science: Reflecting back - looking toward the future
The NCSF's final report covers its work over 2013-2017.

Florida: Sexual assault kit progress report
Dept Law Enforcement reports 2,323 rape kits have been tested, with 506 DNA matches.

Indiana: Audit of all untested rape kits starts this fall
State Police will conduct a rape kit audit with college student and law enforcement.

Indiana: House committee OKs bill to collect DNA samples in felony arrests
A bill allowing law enforcement to collect DNA samples from people at the time they are arrested on felony charges advanced to the full House.

Kansas: Kansas working group as a model for successful collaboration
Kansas achieved 100% law enforcement agency participation in a voluntary statewide audit of unsubmitted rape kits.

Nevada: Some 8,000 Nevada inmates are not in CODIS. How many cold cases will their DNA solve?
They are not in CODIS or other DNA databases, due to a loophole in Nevada law.

New Mexico: Bill provides new funding for rape kit testing
A first-in-the-nation mechanism allows residents to donate a portion of their tax returns to pay for the testing of sexual assault evidence kits in the state.

Pennsylvania: Progress on rape kit backlog
Last year there were 3,044 untested rape kits sitting on shelves at the state's police stations or labs. Here's an update.

Texas: Bexar County's forensic lab isn't thrilled with state plans to address rape kit backlog
Texas House unanimously passed a bill that would create an online database for all DNA evidence collected from sexual assault and rape cases statewide, but can the lab handle it?

Wisconsin: Lawmakers increase funding for DNA testing kit
The number of samples submitted to the state has increased about 20 percent over the last two years, according to the DOJ.
In the News - International

China: Police DNA database threatens privacy
China's police are collecting DNA from individuals for a nationally searchable database without oversight, transparency, or privacy protections.

Ireland: State's forensic scientists get modern lab after 40-year wait
Minister turns sod on new premises and praises scientists and DNA database.
Articles of Interest
Weak links? Criminal investigations using partial DNA matches raise concerns 
Several states use familial DNA search with a variable degree of oversight. Two jurisdictions explicitly prohibit it. Others do not have any regulations or guidelines on the books.

Unsubmitted sexual assault kit processing: Five objectives toward forming a positive relationship with a private vendor laboratory
Looking to outsource rape kit processing? Here are five tips from SAKI

Forensic DNA reveals more than we thought, and that's both good and bad
How far could you get trying to determine a person's physical traits, predisposition to disease, and so on based on just 13 genetic markers?

Mariska Hargitay brings awareness to untested rape kits, abuse victims
HBO documentary film I Am Evidence debuts.

DNA from bomb fragments focus of Sam Houston State study
New DNA sequencing technologies could be opening up new avenues of identifying bombers.

Work/life balance tips for lab professionals
Scientists have many different ideas of how to achieve work-life balance and on whether or not it even exists.