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STACS DNA delivers the only sample tracking and lab management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs dramatically increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff.  The FBI , RCMP , U.S. Army and DNA labs of all sizes rely on STACS DNA. 
Why are we called STACS DNA?
"Sample Tracking and Control Software" for DNA Labs" ... 
What we do is in our name!

September 2017

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Come visit us at the International Symposium on Human Identification in Seattle, where we will show you how to make your job so much easier! You focus on the important casework or database work while STACS automatically captures the details.

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STACS-CW allows you to assign a designator for differential fractions created at Batch Setup.

Tell me more:
When differential fractions are created in STACS-CW, the system appends a .1 and .2 to the female and male fraction sample bar code. You can now configure the appended value - for example, .E and .S. 

You can edit this value through System Configuration.
System Configuration | Sample Setup
Modify the Fraction Designator - Non-Sperm and Fraction Designator - Sperm settings with the value you would like appended to the fraction sample bar code.

Note: If you are a multi-lab site these designators will be applied to all labs.

For more information about this or other STACS-CW capabilities contact  stacsdna@stacsdna.com .
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November 14-16
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
In the News - United States

Alaska: Officials draft plan to test shelved sex assault kits
Alaska authorities are drafting guidelines for testing the state's sexual assault kits, some of which have been shelved for years due to lack of funding.

California: Bill aimed at reducing backlog of untested rape kits passes committee
At the State Capitol, legislators took a big step towards helping rape victims get long overdue justice.

Indiana: Untested rape exam kits number thousands in Indiana
Like many states, Indiana has a problem - mountains of untested rape exam kits in local law enforcement agencies that contain DNA evidence potentially identifying sex offenders.

Louisiana: Why the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab is one of the most efficient at processing DNA
In 2010, the LSP crime lab overhauled its lab practices to make processing DNA more efficient.

Massachusetts: Faith in DNA: Arrest of Gary Schara in 1992 killing of Lisa Ziegert shows evolution of science in criminal investigations
Long before it would ever be used to identify a suspect in her daughter's homicide, Dianne "Dee" Ziegert said she had faith in the evolving science of DNA.

Nevada: As Nevada chips away at its rape kit backlog with one-time funds, officials eye permanent solution
State officials are celebrating progress they've made in processing hundreds of those sexual assault kits and making a handful of arrests in cold cases.

New York: Push to solve gun cases fuels rapid growth of New York's DNA database
In the last five years, the number of DNA profiles in New York's local database has grown dramatically, driven in part by a push to collect DNA in every gun case.

Utah: New Utah crime lab tackles rape kit testing with robotics
Earlier this year, the Utah legislature passed a law requiring the testing of all new rape kits in the state.

Washington: For years, potential rape evidence went untested. What the state did to fix that
For years, potentially critical evidence in thousands of rapes in Washington sat untested in police evidence rooms or at state crime laboratories.

Wisconsin: Surge in crime lab evidence prompts new hires, overtime boost
The state Department of Justice will add staff to address a surging amount of evidence sent to state crime labs for analysis.
In the News - International

Unraveling unresolved crimes
The Lagos State Government has finally completed the construction and equipment of the first DNA and Forensic Centre in West Africa.
Articles of Interest
The genomic revolution reaches the city crime lab
How will law enforcement handle the deluge of new information available from DNA?

Thirty years of DNA forensics: How DNA has revolutionized criminal investigations
DNA profiling methods have become faster, more sensitive, and more user-friendly since the first murderer was caught with help from genetic evidence

9/11: Finding answers in ashes 16 years later
All these years later, the team still strives to scientifically identify each of the 2,753 people who were killed in the destruction of the twin towers.

Inside look at process of identifying human remains
Forensic anthropologists direct one of the few facilities in the world that specializes in the study of body decomposition.
New Resources
NIST Forensic Science Research: DNA & Biological Evidence

SAKI: Resources on testing rape kits and DNA evidence