The Center of it All | March 2018 |
Courtenay Mercer joined Downtown New Jersey as its Executive Director at the start of 2018. The DNJ Board looks forward to working with this seasoned professional to help continue our efforts in promoting downtowns in NJ, and expanding services to our members. MORE>
With a new Executive Director comes new contact information. Please update your address book to:

Downtown New Jersey
344 Grove Street, Suite 251
Jersey City, NJ 07320
P: 201-472-0356
Perth Amboy is known as a friendly and welcoming city by its longtime and new residents, local businesses and the thousands of guests who visit annually. By blending together a range of cultures, traditions and backgrounds, Perth Amboy has created a vibrant, diverse and exciting downtown . MORE>
The introduction of AVs will have a tremendous impact on land use in our towns and cities. Downtown managers, mayors, and planners should be thinking about how the investments and policies they are considering today will be affected by this looming shift in mobility.   MORE>, a new New Jersey-based and focused digital publication, is working to connect NJ arts and cultural institutions, businesses, events — and downtown districts — to state-wide and regional audiences.   MORE>
NJ is in a new Legislative Session with a new Gubernatorial Administration - so a flurry of new and rehashed legislation was posted after the New Year. Here is some of the legislation we’ve been watching that could impact downtowns. MORE>
In a memo that was issued to Murphy’s transition team in January, DNJ provided the new administration with insights into legislative, regulatory, and administrative initiatives that impact the state’s downtown commercial districts. MORE>
Members: To submit events, please complete our online submission form .
Downtown New Jersey is an organization of individuals, businesses, government agencies, and local and regional organizations that are passionate about downtowns. Downtowns reflect our communities’ unique identities, provide a focal point, a convenient local place of commerce, and offer a sense of place where people can gather and truly be community. Downtown New Jersey is a resource dedicated to ensuring the vitality of our downtowns. Count on us as your resource for anything regarding downtowns in New Jersey.