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In his 2021 message, Downtown NJ President Bob Zuckerman discusses the ways DNJ assisted downtown stakeholders during COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to help them thrive in the future. MORE>
As the COVID-19 pandemic was creating unprecedented public health and economic pressure across the state, Commercial District Services responded by helping districts rise to the challenge; offering heightened sanitation services, creating access to COVID testing, and providing financial support to local businesses and community members. MORE>
It is during challenging times that we get to rethink how we can work together to thrive and stay resilient. For many cities and towns, the secret to their success is something we have been advocating for long before “streeteries” and pop-up plazas were a thing - Flexible Streets. MORE>

The redevelopment of brownfields are unique opportunities for NJ’s downtowns to spur economic development, generate jobs, increase property values, reduce sprawl, and develop community needed assets such as mixed-use development, retail, health care facilities, and entertainment venues, just to name a few. MORE>

So, you’re thinking about putting tents up to extend outdoor dining through the winter, but aren’t quite sure of the requirements or how to go about doing it? Read on for tips from practitioners, as well as updated guidance from the NJ Department of Community Affairs. MORE>

The New Jersey Business Action Center (NJBAC) team knows that the COVID-19 pandemic, and the restrictions designed to combat the virus, means New Jersey’s downtown shopping and dining districts look much different than they did this time last year. If your downtown businesses have questions, the NJBAC works to get the answers. MORE>

Although NJ is considered urban and suburban, it has many rural communities defined by Federal statute. Since its formation under the 1990 Farm Bill, USDA Rural Development has been helping rural communities with infrastructure improvements, job growth, affordable housing and essential health care, educational, & emergency services. MORE>

Check out the latest policy and legislative issues that can affect the success of the state’s downtowns. MORE>

Another round of PPP and a new State Economic Recovery bill. Check out the special COVID-19 update to see how your downtown is affected. MORE>

A bill that (ACS A1571 & A1576) that requires prevailing wage on projects receiving tax abatements or exemptions seems to be picking up steam in the NJ Legislature. MORE>

Bills advancing much needed liquor license reform are still stalled in committee. Learn more, contact your legislators, & join the alliance. MORE>
Friday, February 19, 2020 @11:00AM

Join the NJ Department of Community Affairs' Jef Buehler on a virtual walk through downtown Frenchtown to discuss best practices, and not so best practices, in preparing for the post-pandemic. MORE>
Friday, April 16, 2020 @11:00AM

Join Marta Person Villa, NJ Retail Lead and Senior Vice President with Jones Lang LaSalle, to see what’s changed from the early days of the pandemic, and how that impacts “what’s next” for your downtown to recover from economic upheaval. MORE>

Downtown New Jersey’s annual conference and New Jersey’s premiere economic development event, Downtown Recovery: Survive and Thrive in 2021, offered insights and lessons into downtown management best practices, as well as development, business, and retail market trends. Throughout the three days and multiple panels and discussions, five key themes and actions came through loud and clear as critical for survival and adaptability in these trying times: flexibility, leadership, money, collaboration, and staff. MORE>
The NJ Downtown Conference also celebrated placemaking projects and initiatives intended to help New Jersey small businesses and downtowns survive and thrive during the shutdown and capacity limitations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining Downtown New Jersey in recognizing excellence in placemaking was AARP New Jersey, who sponsored the event because these community efforts align with their own Livable Communities initiative. MORE>

All of the videos from the conference are available to view on the conference website. Registered conference attendees can use their existing login credentials to watch.

Didn’t register for the conference? You can still register at a reduced rate to gain access to recordings of conference programsMORE>

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