Disability Network Oakland & Macomb
is taking the New Year by storm!!
How you ask?...We sat down and thought "What are the three things you need to start off a New Year with a bang??? "
New Look
New Goals
New and more DETERMINATION!!
To start off the new year we needed our new look ;
DNOM Plugged-In is our new newsletter!! Once a month we will be bringing you into our world with monthly updates on what's been going on here and all of our upcoming events. Don't forget to check them out and sign up for the ones that grab your attention!!
the word accessible with stick figures
For 2018 DNOM's  new goals are to promote inclusion for all by breaking down barriers and opening paths towards independence and personal choice. One way we are trying and get to this goal is with our new REC-it with DNOM Program ( R ecreation E ducation and C ommunity inclusion). Another big goal of ours is to try and be c ompletely accessible!! We started by making our entire building 100% ADA accessible. Halls, doors, meeting areas, bathrooms, and a fully functional ADA accessible kitchen. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our new REC-it Cooking Class!!
Our Rec-It Program has been taking off!! We set out to come up with at least one new program that can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and we have already surpassed that goal, with having 3 programs up and running and 2 more on the way. DNOM is becoming a name to remember!! You can check out all of the up coming programs below.
Make it accessible sign
We are also striving to break down barriers and make all of our documents accessible!! DNOM's whole staff has been working hard toward this goal, by taking a accessible documents training course. We also have 2 full time staff members who are well versed on accessible documents here to help answer any questions from the staff; we can help your staff too. We want to hear from you... if this is something we should bring out into the community, send us a reply letting us know what you think.
New and More
DNOM Employees
Here we are!! These are the faces of DNOM. These are the men and women who will be taking fiscal year 2018 to new heights. We have grown so much in the past year, adding 7 new staff members to the DNOM family. Who knows what all this new determination will bring for the new year. What I do know, is every month we will be plugging you into whats been going on here and all of our upcoming events!! Hope to see you at one real soon!!
Upcoming Events
February 7th
6 Week Home Improvement Class
February 13th
ADA Part 3: Accessible Documents Training
February 15th
Third Thursday Presentation:
LGBT Older Adults: A Population at Risk
March 13th
6 Week PATH Workshop: Managing Your Chronic Health Condition
March 13th
ADA Part 4: Legal Mandates for Public & Private Businesses
March 15th
Third Thursday Presentation:
Fundamentals of Developmental Disabilities (DD) and Dementia
April 10th
ADA Part 5: Reasonable Accommodations: Public Service & Private Businesses
April 11th
6 Week Cooking Class
June 12th
ADA Part 6: Where IDEA Stops and ADA Begins - Post-Secondary Setting
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