Over the past 30 days, our members have been working to ensure that all construction sites in the New York City area are up to date and compliant with all state and local regulations as they relate to COVID-19. We’re so proud of the work everyone is doing to keep jobsites, workers and the public safe from the spread of the virus. But our work has just begun.

This is a reminder that beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, July 8th, non-compliance with the Department of Buildings (DOB) COVID-19 Guidance will result in in the issuance of a violation carrying a $5,000 penalty. In particular, failure to have either a COVID-19 Safety Plan, affirmation, or a hand-hygiene station on site will also result in the issuance of a Stop Work Order.  

In addition to the tasks identified above, in consultation with the DOB, the areas where violations are being found are:
  • Signage in and around hoists that identify plans to keep workers 6 ft. apart and if not then facial coverings must be worn
  • In the cab and on every landing
  • Cleaning logs are not being maintained or aren’t readily accessible
  • Workers health log not up to date

The DOB has set up a process to resolve any violation issued beginning Wednesday for non-compliance with the COVID-19 Guidance. The DOB will require a submission of a Certificate of Correction to the Department that includes a statement or evidence that the violation was remedied. See here for more information on resolving a violation.

In addition, a web portal will be available on Wednesday to accept requests to have a Stop Work Order lifted. Evidence such as photographs will need to be uploaded to demonstrate that the conditions that resulted in the Stop Work Order have been corrected. Once an administrative review reveals correction the Stop Work Order will be lifted. The Department will be performing re-inspections on a percentage of lifted Stop Work Orders to ensure compliance. Additional information will be forthcoming in a Department-issued Service Notice.

We’re confident that you, our members, are doing the right things to keep everyone safe. We don’t want to see anyone get fined or be issued a Stop Work Order. Please take the rest of today to check your sites and remind your employees.

As always, if you need additional information, you can call your ABC staff contact or visit our COVID-19 webpage by clicking here.