December 15, 2020
Vaccines Arrived in Ohio This Week
DODD in partnership with other state agencies is working on Ohio's Pandemic Vaccination Plan. Please see the above PDF for the latest update on the pandemic vaccine. This includes ways to help, talking points, and language tips about the vaccine.
Myths vs. Facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine:

Myth: COVID-19 vaccines were rushed and developed too quickly.

Fact: COVID-19 vaccine development and clinical trials were thorough and thanks to a strategic scientific effort to streamline processes, could be developed more efficiently.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccines will be mandatory for every Ohioan.

Fact: Ohio will not make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory. The vaccine will be available to all Ohioans who choose to receive it, as available supply of the vaccine increases.

Myth: COVID-19 isn't very serious, so I don't need to get the vaccine.

Fact: The severity of COVID-19 symptoms varies widely, and getting vaccinated can help prevent infection with COVID-19.

Visit the Ohio Department of Health's Website for more Myths vs. Facts.
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Managing COVID and the Holidays
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COVID Information and Resources

COVID CareLine: Call 1-800-720-9616 to connect with a behavioral health professional from 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days per week. After 8 PM, the CareLine will forward to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 

DODD support teams are available to help county boards and providers.

DODD has a dedicated web page for department communications and links to helpful resources.

For specific questions about COVID-19, visit, call your local health department, or call the Ohio Department of Health's COVID-19 hotline at 1-833-427-5634.
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