Sponsor Deadline for Letters of Intent (required): May 15, 2019
FAS/SEAS/OSP Deadline: June 21, 2019
Sponsor Deadline for Full Proposals: June 28, 2019
Award Information: Project budgets may range from $150,000 - $1,000,000 per year. A median award size of $350,000 - $400,000 per year is anticipated. Awards are expected to be made for a period of three years.
The DOE SC program in Nuclear Physics (NP), the NP Isotopes Program (IP), the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) and the DOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development (NA-22) announce their interest in receiving applications for research projects intended to answer nuclear data questions of interest to the research communities supported by those programs and offices. Extensive databases dedicated to nuclear data already exist, notably those developed and maintained by NP through the US Nuclear Data Program (USNDP). However, a critical examination of the existing nuclear data often finds that it is inadequate for current applications. The purpose of the research program associated with this FOA is to support new activities (e.g. experiments, infrastructure, models, and so forth) that will provide new nuclear data or related predictions where needed in areas in which the existing data is inadequate or does not exist, and insure that the new data is transferred to the USNDP databases in a timely manner.
Interested applicants are encouraged to review the   Nuclear Data Questions by Office  section of the FOA when preparing their applications and to discuss topics of interest with the relevant   Program Managers. In this manner, the PIs may be able to identify "cross-cutting" nuclear data needs that could increase the probability of attracting support from multiple Offices.
Questions about this announcement may be directed to Jennifer Corby ( jcorby@fas.harvard.edu, 617-495-1590) or Susan Gomes ( sgomes@fas.harvard.edu, 617-496-9448).

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