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The security warning you may have seen had to do with the SSL being temporarily disconnected from the domain.

The site data is transferring from backups and no data is expected to be lost and the site is now all the way back up.

Meanwhile, I'm so blown away by the crystalline explications of our current political morass by former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp to filmmaker, Jason Goodman, that I'm posting this stellar interview recorded prior to the live presentation he made in Texas that I ran yesterday.

I'm starting at the point here after they discuss the "trumped-up" hysterics over the separation of children from adults arrested attempting to cross the US border with Mexico and how this was a nothing burger thrown up to deflect attention away from the scurrilous proceedings at Inspector General report of FBI corruption. In Shipp's informed opinion (and you'll hear exactly why), Mueller, Comey and others in the FBI and DOJ should be prosecuted for multiple felonies, if not treason, which carries the Death Penalty in the US.

The two discuss how Robert Mueller participated in the cover-up of 9/11 and in the cover-up of the Uranium One deal. Shipp says people have been sentenced to 10 and 20 years for doing one tenth of what Hillary has done and that if laws were enforced, Comey would be prosecuted for felonious obstruction of justice for protecting her use the private server while she was Secretary of State.

Goodman astutely notes, "The FBI and the CIA have now become the private protection agencies, essentially for the Clinton Foundation, which seems to be this master money-laundering scheme initially hatched by HW Bush [who] anointed Bill Clinton ... and now, as he's about to die, HW [is] passing the baton to Bill and Hillary and it seems to me that all the Rod Rosensteins, all the Bob Muellers, all of the and James Comeys, these are the guys that are scrambling to protect their pile, because if Trump wins, these guys are all going away."
Running Time: 14 mins

PS: It's a big news day for the Alternative Media! Radio host and lobbyist, Jack Burkman will be hosting a press conference today at 1:00PM Eastern at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn in Arlington, VA with a "credible" witness to the murder of Seth Rich, who was tracked down by a retired NYPD detective.

The witness, who "fears for his life" and who will be heavily disguised and accompanied by armed guards will identify the two US Government employees who he says murdered the young DNC staffer. One is reportedly a DEA agent and the other is reportedly an ATF agent.

The two alleged murderers are associates of Kevin Doherty, a former Marine Sergeant and FBI Special Agent, who Burkman hired last year to help him in his investigation of the murder of Seth Rich but who instead, made an attempt on Burkman's life, shooting him several times and running him over with an SUV (!)
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