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The Department of Justice recently announced a settlement in a suit against MAA, requiring the housing provider to retrofit over 30 of its currently owned properties, formerly owned by Post Properties, to comply with accessibility standards. Many of the impacted apartment complexes are in the D.C. area.
Disasters like the Camp Fire in California and the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico damaged thousands of homes and left many people homeless and vulnerable. Solving these crises requires sound leadership and assistance from government agencies such as FEMA as well as action from the legislative branch.
A ProPublica investigation found that many low income families and disabled renters live in poor housing conditions that have been deemed acceptable by HUD, despite health and safety violations.
Although children with disabilities represent only 12 percent of students enrolled in public schools, they made up 71 percent of all students restrained, and 66 percent of all those secluded. Black students are also disproportionately restrained and secluded.
"Portrayals of this technology as a 'miracle' for deaf people overlook its potential downsides and challenges." In this op-ed, a deaf writer argues that cochlear implants are neither inherently good nor inherently bad, and the benefits for children may be overstated.
In Albuquerque, NM, police officers are realizing that language barriers can cause problems when victims of domestic violence reach out for help. A new city policy will expand language resources for limited English speakers.
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