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 If you are a Vanderbilt employee or patient with fever, cough, or shortness of breath and are concerned about the coronavirus, call (888) 312-0847 to be assessed. If you become ill while at work, they will direct you to the testing site on campus. Employees will have their tests flagged for rapid resulting as of tests sent this afternoon. 

COVID-19 Public Information Hotline: (877) 857-2945, available daily (10 a.m.-10 p.m.)

* Continue to review myVUMC and the COVID website for institutional information.

* For information on how faculty members can support students in traumatic times, see article published by the Chronicle of Higher Education, "Coping with Coronavirus."

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to inspire interest in the prevention of disease and the promotion of human health, to cultivate biomedical discovery, and educate tomorrow's leaders for internal medicine. We especially seek those physicians who provide compassionate care while translating new knowledge into meaningful improvements in health outcome.

This application of science to medicine is enhanced by interdisciplinary collaboration, fiscal responsibility, advancement of social and intellectual diversity, commitment to self-learning, and a professionalism dedicated to teamwork and collegiality. These values promote the best interests of internal medicine at Vanderbilt and further strengthen our social contract with the community we serve.

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