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A Message from Michael...
Fall is that great time of year that brings cooler weather, pumpkins, fun times for the kids and holiday family gatherings. Wouldn't be great to entertain on new hardwood floors! We can install new oak hardwood floors with your choice of widths (4" is most popular) and colors (Coffee Brown is very popular) or we can refinish with a new color and a hard acrylic surface that can withstand all of your friends and relatives!

If you have never had hardwood flooring work done, you may not know all the questions to even ask! This is why you want AHF. I've been doing floors for over 35 years and been in business since 1999. Experience is key no matter who you hire! We believe when you hire the best you get the best results.

Michael Keroack 
Did You Know?
Hardwood Floors Q&A
Q: The flooring article (“Installing Prefinished Strip Flooring”) in the November 2015 issue of Remodeling Magazine showed the boards being installed tight to the baseboards. Shouldn’t there be an expansion space around the perimeter?

A: Howard Brickman, a wood-flooring contractor and consultant based in Norwell, Mass., responds: Over many decades of installing wood flooring as well as studying the science of building materials and wood technology, I have come to realize that many of the “rules” regarding wood flooring are based on a deeply ingrained (pun intended) mythology and not necessarily on fact.

The first myth is that wood is a “living and breathing” thing, so wood flooring needs plenty of expansion space. The underlying truth to this myth is that wood shrinks and swells when it loses or gains moisture. But this movement does not define life.

The second myth, which builds on the first one, is that wood and water don’t play nicely together. But water is an integral part of all wood. (And once the use of water-based finishes became widespread, this myth lost a lot of its mojo.) Here’s a fun fact: A 10-foot-square oak floor at 8% moisture content (MC) contains 2.7 gallons of water. For a more robust explanation of the relationship between wood and moisture, read The Wood Handbook (free online from the Forest Products Laboratory) or Bruce Hoadley’s book, Understanding Wood (not free, but more fun to read).
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Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
5 Stars Positive: Professionalism, 
Punctuality, Quality, 
Responsiveness, and Value!
Authentic Hardwood did a great job on the install! The team they sent over was extremely professional and detail-oriented. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future and I highly recommend them!

Atlanta, GA
5 Stars Positive: Professionalism, 
Punctuality, Quality and Responsive!
Did a great job and was a pleasure to work with Michael and his crew on this project. Should have had our floors redone years ago as the builder quality was no where near the work done this time. Night and day and look fantastic!

Suwanee, GA
3040 Amwiler Rd. Suite C,
Atlanta, Ga 30360
P. 678-985-0110