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Join us for Black Friday at Do Overz! Early bird hours 8 AM - 4 PM! Shelly will be hosting a special Facebook LIVE at 8:00 AM of items that have not been on the floor yet! You'll be the first to get to view them and purchase! These items will go on the floor for sale after the LIVE Black Friday mark your calendar to join us LIVE at 8:00 a.m. on Facebook, or come right in the store! It will be a great BLACK FRIDAY at Do Overz. Avoid the large crowds!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our consignors and customers for making our Christmas Market last Saturday an amazing success. The Do Overz stylists had the store all decorated and it looked beautiful. We hope you enjoyed yourself and got lots of great ideas on how to decorate your home and...purchased your favorite finds of the season! We loved seeing everyone and getting to wish you an early "Merry Christmas".

Don't forget our Do Overz Gift Cards make a great gift! They are also available through our new Contactless Curbside Pick up. See below for more information on that!

Just a reminder that each Sunday in November, our very own Shelly Thompson will be writing a devotion and sharing it on our Facebook Page and in our newsletter. We have the third November devotion...The Courage of our Veteran's included in this newsletter. Then, each Sunday in December, Cheryl will be inviting you into her home and doing a Facebook LIVE Christmas devotion. We hope this gives you some peace with so much going on all around us.

Remember, we're LIVE on Facebook Monday through Friday! You'll find our LIVE schedule in the newsletter. You do not have to subscribe to Facebook to watch our LIVE videos. You can access our LIVE LINKS by clicking here.

In this issue of our newsletter...BLACK FRIDAY EARLY BIRD HOURS and special Facebook LIVE, learn more about our Curbside Contactless Pick up, get informed about our ONLINE AUCTIONS we'll be starting, read our third November Devotion, enjoy a few photos of our home decor and some great furniture pieces, and check out the amazing kitchen transformation our Paint Specialist, Christy, did with Dixie Belle paint!

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Remember...there's no place like home for the holidays.

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We want to make sure that you have every possible way to purchase amazing home decor! That's why we're offering Curbside Contactless Pick up. You simply call and let us know what items(s) you would like to purchase, pay over the phone, we'll put the item in our hold area, then you call the store when your a few minutes away and we'll set the item(s) in our outdoor pick up area. It's that simple to get your Do Overz goodies. This applies to our Dixie Belle paint and products too.
Let us consign your furniture!
Our furniture is flying out the door!!! We are in immediate need of clean lined, modern sofas, slipper and occasional chairs, coffee tables, and side tables. Give us a call at 515-270-6837 if you would like to consign with us!
Santa says he's found the perfect gift! No Lines. No waiting.

Don't forget...a Do Overz gift card is the perfect gift for any warming, welcome to the neighborhood, Birthday, Anniversary, and of course, Christmas! There's never any additional fees and a Do Overz Gift Card never expires!!! And, you'll never wait in a long line!
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You'll be so excited...your hair will stand on end!!!!! We're getting ready to introduce our ONLINE AUCTIONS! We're keeping it simple. No registration. No minimum requirement. Just FUN and winning items that you LOVE! We'll be kicking off our ONLINE AUCTIONS in stay tuned!
Don't Miss Out on These Great Buys!!!
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these items over the phone!

Oh gorgeous! This fabulous white with red trim enamel table has two pull out leaves. It is awesome and priced at $255. We've paired it with three shiny red vinyl chairs priced at $140 for the set. The perfect set for your vintage kitchen!
This beautiful mission style wood coffee table with two drawers just arrived! We love it's detailed handles and style! It's priced at $155.
We have a one-of-a-kind farmhouse style table with a red checked pattern trimmed in muted vegetables. There are two red chairs for each end and four white chairs for the sides. The table has a beautiful glass piece on top to preserve it from damage. This piece was painted and signed by artist Peggy Boyd. It's priced at $450. There is an additional smaller desk chair, priced at $37.00.
This is an amazing rug (although we've hung it on the wall) made out of silk ties! You have to see it to appreciate the unique beauty and quality. It measures 5x7. There are two matching pillows available. The consignor paid 4,000 for this custom rug. It is a one-of-a-kind beauty! It's priced at $820.
We have so much to see!!!
Here's just a small peek at some of our beautiful holiday home decor. Remember, we have amazing name brand high end purses and wallets. We also recently started offering a line of amazing jewelry made by a local person. So many great items for yourself...or as a gift!
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Thursday - 12:30 p.m. Chat with Cheryl
Friday - 3:00 p.m. The DUO - with Cheryl and Shelly

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3rd November Devotion
The Courage of our Veteran's
By Shelly Thompson
Here's our third Sunday devotion by our own Shelly Thompson (you can watch her on our Facebook LIVE each Monday at 9:30 for Vintage, Rustic, & Primitive). Remember, Cheryl will be doing LIVE video devotions each Sunday in December from her home.

This devotion honors both God and our Veteran’s. Again to all of our Veteran’s...thank you for your courage and sacrifice.

On January 24, 1955 my Dad left for the US Navy. The photo is the Bible that my grandmother wrote in and sent with him that day. I pray that during this time of turmoil in our country this brings you comfort. There are a few tears as I can feel the heart of my grandmother that day so long ago as her oldest son left the warmth of his family home on 5th Street in Highland Park and headed across the ocean. But God...blessed him on this journey. Her prayers were answered.

Cold winds swept through the Midwest on January 24, 1955. In a tiny kitchen on 5th Street being kept warm by a coal furnace in the next room, a mother sat, pen and Bible in hand, with a broken heart. That woman was my grandmother. I am sure tears flowed as she penned the following words inside the cover of the Bible she would give that day to her oldest of two sons, who would later be my Dad-

Dear Sheldon - This little book is a token of our love for you. All we want out of life is the best for you. May this book be a constant companion along life’s way as a daily guidance. May the Lord bless thee and keep thee, may the Lord make His face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift his countenance upon thee and give thee peace. Numbers 6:24- “God bless you son” - Love from your Mom and Dad.

At age twenty, her son was leaving to begin life in the U.S. Navy. He would board a train that would carry him miles away…eventually he would be oceans away…from his family as he served his country. The draft was in effect in 1955. He most likely would have been drafted into the service. But as his parents had taught him, he did what was right for his country and voluntarily enlisted. This day, was the day a mother would offer her son to the military...hoping and praying for his safety and that one day…he would return to their small family home on 5th Street.

My Dad’s family lived in severe poverty during the very early years making their home in a ‘shanty’. The depression occurred in 1929 and times were very hard for their family when he was young. They didn’t own a car for many years and walked the two miles to church each week, even in inclement weather. My grandmother was apparently an expert at bundling up her family in the cold Iowa winters. Her testimony of Warrior faith still amazes me today. She knew that despite everything they didn’t have…the One thing they did have was more than enough. She trusted that God would provide one day at a time…one prayer at a time…providing just enough to meet their needs.

The day her son was to leave home and go miles away, she knew the most important thing she could send with him was the word of God, with a love letter inscribed in the cover from the heart of a faith Warrior mother. I imagine it crossed her mind that this Bible might be the last thing she would give him. As I look back, I can see my Dad’s courage as a young man. He didn’t cower in the shadows hoping maybe through some error he wouldn’t get called in the draft. He enlisted voluntarily. Tough decisions...for both mother and son...who knew God was in matter what.

Deep in her heart as she sat at the kitchen table that day she knew her years of faith in God had been passed down to her son. That was something she couldn’t pack into an overstuffed duffel bag, but it would fit in his heart. She had given him something he would never outgrow over the years, but grow into as he matured in his own faith. Her Warrior faith had planted seeds that God would continue to nurture and grow…across the ocean.

God calls us to make tough decisions of the heart. He calls us to take a stand for what is right, even when others don’t. If we listen, we can hear Him calling us into His army. We know that He is for matter what we face. He is for our families. He is for our children. He is for the ill, the addict, the poor, the dying, the young pregnant unmarried woman, the person in the nursing home. He is for us and with us. My grandmothers faith let her know...her son was not traveling alone. He had God and an invisible army as his companions. For those with faith in Jesus Christ we need to show those God has brought into our life that Jesus is more important than anything else.

My grandmother inscribed words of love to her son in the cover of a Bible. Is the Word of God inscribed on your heart with the penmanship of the Author and Perfector of your faith? Like the Bible my grandmother inscribed her words in the cover…we can leave evidence of a lasting legacy of faith that can be shown to those coming after you.

I know my grandma’s heart broke on that day in 1955...but she left behind evidence of Who she trusted. Let’s leave a legacy like that…a ‘letter of recommendation’ for those coming after us. A legacy that satan cannot destroy. Let's remember that God whispers from heaven, what my grandmother could only write inside the cover of a Bible…“God bless you child” - Love, Your Father.

Instruction Manual
You yourselves are our letter of recommendation, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all. 2 Corinthians 3:2

Blessings, Shelly
What's Happening in the Paint Shack!
LOOK at this amazing kitchen transformation our Paint Expert, Christy, did with Dixie Belle (Sawmill Gravy). It is beautiful and the client loved it!

Remember...if you call ahead and let us know what Dixie Belle items you need, we can get your paint order ready for you to pick up and save time. Do Overz is a Dixie Belle Premiere Retailer.
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