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May 20, 2016
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DOT Tables Clinton Avenue Bike Lane Proposal, Cumbo Responds
"I would like to thank the Department of Transportation for their prompt reconsideration of the Clinton Avenue proposal and for hearing the concerns of the community on both sides of the issue. I look forward to working with DOT and the community in order to create community-based solutions that take into account the perspective of all people. 

"As the culture of New York City continues to evolve, we have seen a tremendous increase in traffic on our congested streets, roadways, and thoroughfares. Through Vision Zero and other initiatives, the NYC Department of Transportation has taken proactive measures to calm traffic while implementing safety improvements that will protect pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, are among the many neighborhoods across this city that have experienced countless tragedies as a result of preventable crashes. We can all agree that safety for pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists is important and so we have a unifying foundation to begin an important dialogue. Projects with a massive undertaking, such as the proposed Clinton Avenue changes, must reflect feedback from longtime and newer residents in addition to community stakeholders. 

"Recognizing that there needed to be a better process and more inclusive community engagement does not make me an enemy of cyclists. I would rather have a plan that does not polarize a community but rather a plan that brings people together to understand different perspectives and incorporates those tough conversations on race, class, gender, and age so that we can create a more informed plan knowing that we all won't agree, but that we all have been heard and have contributed to the final outcome. It is imperative that we utilize community dialogues to inform the studies and street redesigns conducted by DOT to address public concern. As the representative of these communities, I am committed to working with the community to make our streets safer for all."